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So the baking element in my 6 year old GE range starts arcing and looking like a fuse set by Yosemite Sam. Now I am facing spending $50 more on an oven I've already bought.

This is GE's fault, not Lowe's. So I take the part in to the Charlottesville Lowe's fully not expecting to walk out with a new one, but at least hoping to get good advice. A rep at the store told me that the Lowe's parts department can help me, and handed me a card with a phone number on it.

There's also a website address, so I go there first, do the research, and set off to buy the part online. Great so far. I get to the moment of truth, and when it asks for my card information, the accepted cards do not include the Lowe's card.

I cancel out of the order and call the 800 number. An obviously perturbed individual answers the call, and asks for the model or part number. I give him the part number, since I trust myself to research properly. We near the end of THAT transaction, and he tells me the accepted forms of payment. Again, these do not include the Lowe's card.

"You don't take the Lowe's card?"

"Sorry, we're not set up for that."

"Okay, then I need to call back another time."

"Is there anything else I can help you with today?"

Yeah, ***. You can accept the Lowe's card at the Lowe's parts distribution center. That's how you can help me.

Not to be defeated, I called my local Lowe's and suggest this zany idea - I pay them with my Lowe's card, they order the part, and I come get it from the store.

"We don't get parts here."

Now that's thinking outside the box and doing whatever you need to do to make your customer happy.

But I should've expected it. Lowe's constantly disappoints, but does arrogantly, since they're the only game in town here.

Conclusion: Lowe's stinks.

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Lowe's is arrogant. I'll agree with that.