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I live near Lowes here in Shelby, North Carolina. My house is the closest house to Lowes. However, this house and this beautiful community I live in was here well before Lowes ever thought about being here.

I’m up 2 ½ hours before my alarm clock is set to go off because their has awoken me again. Last night at around midnight it was going off too. The same thing the night before and this happens too frequently. I’ve called the police many times, I would guess over 20 times this year alone in reference to the alarm going off when it’s going off, and I don’t call every time. My entire family is affected by this noise penetrating into my house and disrupting our much needed noise pollution.

I need my sleep and peace. I’ve called to complain and the first time one of the managers said he’d look into it and have it resolved within a couple of weeks. It wasn’t resolved so I called back. I spoke with a different manager that said “it’s like living near an airport, you have to deal with it” and he suggested that I “put a pillow over my head”.

I called their corporate office and complained. I called their district manager left a message on 3 occasions and then finally called someone else in a different corporate office that I was able to speak with. They were able to connect me with the district manager and assured me that this is not appropriate and is against their policy.

The employees are setting it off. They are not supposed to be leaving the store after they get there until the manager gets there to turn the alarm off. However, they apparently are leaving the store nonetheless. The manager is supposed to be there earlier enough to prevent this, apparently he is not. The police say they can’t do anything.

I really don’t understand the purpose in having an alarm that’s going to go off almost nightly. This desensitizes the police departments’ response to it and the community’s’ as well.

If Lowes can’t do anything and the police can’t do anything what am I to do? I could move I guess, but that’s a bit ridiculous since I love this house. But, in Charlotte I was told by one of the corporate people this would not be allowed and they would be fined. So, apparently some cities would not allow this. I called the city of Shelby and there is seemingly nothing no one can do about it.

I need my sleep and this continuous disturbance is obviously interfering with my life and my family’s life. Sleep is very important and these interruptions are preventing me from achieving it. I’m forced to do something because of this, but what? I can’t sue them because that would be too costly and timely. The only obvious thing is to fight back, but how?

If the city doesn’t support me in resolving this then they are allowing deep resentments and anger to ensue. That coupled with lack of sleep is not a good combination and is how people become violent. I do not want it to get to this point. I do not have much more time to waste on this. If there isn’t immediate resolve then I will be forced to seek legal action, and if that doesn’t seem feasible I’ll need to move into defaming the image of Lowes as much as possible (e.g. newspaper, blogs, reviews online, city meetings, etc…) and I will find every means possible. If that continues to not work I might go crazy and feel that I may go over there and physically dismantle the alarm myself or …..

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In reply to "Hates *** People" Looks like you are the *** one ---- in the first sentence of her post, she states she has lived in this house long before Lowes was ever built.


I feel your pain, however you are not alone. This happens on a regular basis nation wide.

Companies like lowes do not care like they say they do about the customer.

Money talks every time. The best advice I can give you is to contact the mayor of your city or town or talk to the governor of your state.


its the theft alarm that goes off. its for when someone uses the emergency alarm.

u lose your job if u ignore it so idk how they getting away with it.

like last one said if u made all those calls just file lawsuit. things happen to fix themselves when money is involved.


:) Well I think Lowes does great for the communties like giving grants to area schools and doing women builds ect.


Ok here's a couple complaints I have with this post...

#1...this is pissed off consumer...your complaint is not about ANY consumer issues...its about the proximity of a business to your house.

#2...why did you buy a house in a commercial zone? Big box stores are not allowed in areas restricted for maybe you are just an ***...or have no clue about anything other than the bottle of choice that u drink from when hubby goes to work.

Next time you buy a house...check the zoning of the area...if you are in a commercial zone...or even NEAR a commercial zone...then u get what you pay for. Your property cost you less because of the proximity of the house to the zone, so as that one manager told you...DEAL WITH IT!


Lowes is just an other name for wal mart they don't care. Our wal mart wants to cut down 30 grand oak trees to expand..we don't need a bigger wal mart but dame the citizens and full speed ahead.

Now for your Lowes, it must be illgal to play load music after midnight.? Maybe the mayor would like some good rap or even bag pipe music out side his house when the alarm goes off over at your house or maybe just a phone call every time it goes off. Can you get neighbors together and fight back even start a civil suit and get it into the news papers and tv Lowes would like it a lot if had tv crews all over the parking lot. Maybe a wheel chair protest in the parking lot , you know they move really slow and pissed off customers will go to another store to shop.

Also call and write to your local and state government they have to have a business license. to do business and if they are maintaining a nuisance you could block them from business until they correct the problem. Also what kind of alarm goes off??? FIRE???

better call the fire department!! Nothing *** off a fireman better then a false alarm even better if it keeps them from going to a real fire.

AND that spells LAW SUITE big time! Good Luck Keep sqeaking little mouse you will get results!