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Purchased a lawnmower less than a year ago, and got the 4 year protection plan. Last week, my mower's brakes stop working.

So we call Lowe's, and they say someone will be out to get it the next day, a Saturday. No one comes. Monday we call again. They tell us the "provider" will call that day or today.

Still no call. Going to call Lowe's again later and see if can just exchange the mower.

My yard is turning into a jungle while they and their "provider" sit on their thumbs. Won't buy big ticket items at Lowe's ever again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Protection Plan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Welcome to the club!!

Exactly the same thing happened to me with a lawnmower


Don't call the store. Call the number listed here


Probably something you can fix---an adjustment or something came loose. Now you know why it is almost always a waste of money to buy these protection plans.

See if you---or someone you know who is good at these things---can fix it and then put a sign on it out front and sell it.

Then, find a local John Deere dealer in your area---an acutal dealer, not a big box store that happens to sell John Deere mowers---and buy a machine that will last and if you do have a problem, the dealer will pick it up and fix it. You failed to mention the brand.