Hopkinsville, Kentucky
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Purchased a ceiling fan to only find out the motor was defective. Of course you can only discover this after you've installed the fan.

I figure I spent about 2 and half hours between the purchase, installation and return so the least I could do is spend the same amount of time complaining on the internet. Sadly, the days of being able to purchase quality products are long gone simply because it is not in Lowe's best interest. They are only concerned about price and volume and with a business plan of build it and they will come you really have no choice but to do business with them. Really, think about it, the only alternative in most areas is Home Depot, the same poor quality and service but with a different color.

I guess you just have to decide if you want to get screwed by Blue or Orange.

The only problem is my screw driver broke last week. You can guess where I purchased it.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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What planet did you come from? There isn't a product made that doesn't have an occasional defect.

It's unfortunate you bought one that takes a while to install. Don't blame the retailer, they didn't build it. If you fell Lowes buys and sells a lower quality item fell free to shop elsewhere and spend more money.

You made the decision to buy the fan you did, and I am sure price was part of the reason you bought it. Blame yourself and the company that made the fan, not Lowes.