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We went to san jose store to get bark nuggets that were on sale for 4 for $10 Garden bark 2 cubic ft, from april 14th to april 19th 2010.

we were told by one of the employee that this ad is nation wide ad and we dont carry all the items in all the stores and lots of customers had asked about it so, when we asked him he knew exactly what we were talking about.

I think this is false advertising,if this is the case it should say that certain item is not available in san jose store.

Next time before going for a advertised item I will think twice,

Mrs Jaka

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Someone needs reading comprehension skills ... ALL big box stores have the "not all products available at all stores" on the flyer (not to mention that concept should be common sense considering stores are not consistent in size nor community in which they are located) a lot even state "call ahead to confirm"

Always read the whole advertisement, not just the part that interests you. What you did was like reading agatha christie until the red herring, then putting the book down declaring "i know who did it".

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