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For the second time in two years, Lowe's 'accidentally' charged me twice for an Internet order. I can understand making errors, but usually people are apologetic when they make them.

Lowe's isn't. In both cases, they had to 'research' my claim, although it was apparent that a charge had been duplicated. Once 'researched,' no one would take responsibility for the problem, instead saying that 'this happens with the Internet sometimes.' When I suggested that it certainly didn't have to, the assistant manager at the Florence, AL store said that they just 'processed orders sent to them, and it wasn't their fault.' When I asked when my money would be credited, she didn't know. Surprise, surprise--corporate says that all that is done at the local level....

I finally contacted my bank and filed a claim, since I had no confidence that I'd ever get my money back otherwise.

I'd suggest that Lowe's hire a programmer to create a 'flag' for duplicate entries, and that they train their associates better.

No one is ever responsible for anything or able to answer questions at this chain (I've shopped in Alabama and Georgia). I'm not that fond of Home Depot, but they'll get my business from now on.

Monetary Loss: $413.

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Lowes charged my card twice and no I did NOT submit twice or click again if page was slow. Called Lowe's and no one would help resolve this issue, claimed that since they only showed 1 order it must have only been charged once.

Had to call my credit card and file a dispute. So hurt that my Lowe's would treat me so poorly, I love-d Lowe's.


Lowe's didn't charge you twice. If you call customer care, we are more than happy to refund the second order.

Without explaining the whole processing an internet order process to you, there is no way you can be charged twice INTENTIONALLY.

Jeff Jolly -- I worked there for five years, having just quit within the last month, and it's physically impossible for me to process your internet order TWICE, unless you SUBMIT it twice. The customer is not always right.

It's people like you that have turned businesses into what they are now. And it's people like you who made me hate working there.


Both "ironman" and "nika...whatever" are missing the point. Customer service defines a business. The customer is always right, despite the facts...unless you want Lowes to be deemed as customer UNfriendly.


Why are you blaming Lowes for charging you twice, They didn't place the order on the internet, you did. It wAs just a mistake on your part for not paying attention and pressing the submit button to many times.


Sometimes if you click the "order now" or "submit" button more than once, it will cause a duplication. Alot of times their servers are slow and you think nothing is happening after you click the button once.

Thus, you click it again. Many sites warn against this, but it is a common reaction.

However, this is only a guess as to what happened. To have it happen to one person twice is more than coincidental.

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