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I worked for Lowe's and, stores usually have 1 or 2 people scheduled per area per day. The workers have a huge list of things to accomplish by the end of their shift. Then they have to provide consultations with customers which take 20min.-2-hours to complete, per customer. The truth is that, if they only had to do sales, the departments would probably be well staffed. Whenever, the worker is interrupted from whatever they are working on at their computer station, the computer logs them off, and they have to start all over again. Daily life for Lowe's workers is high stress because they never have back-up assistance, their job task list is longer than their shift, and if their employment is not threatened by days end by an upset customer, their employment status is threatened for not completing all of the maintenance and re-stocking that needs to be done. How would you like to have your job threatened everyday?

The fact is that customers act differently in Lowe's than they would in front of their own employer or clients. Customers walk in and demand one-on-one attention to their need, and if they don't get it, they ask for the sales person to be fired.

Customers buy items, take them home and use them or break them, and then expect Lowe's to give them their money paid back, or they will sue, call the corporate office, of make a scene at the store. Unfortunately, Lowe's doesn't fight back against these abusive customers.

I agree that Lowe's, and their suppliers, make often mistakes, mostly those mistakes are made because of their computer program known as 'ISST' is a mess, they should have dumped it a decade ago, it just does not perform at the level the this retail giant wants to do business in terms of managing construction, or pulling product. It's a dinosaur and so is their DOS based Genisis.

When you look at who they are hiring in the installed sales department, it's typically people that have never ran or worked in a major construction business. They cannot relate to the construction issues consumers are talking about and don't know how to resolve them either.

Product issues are due to ISST's documents which are difficult to follow (they're in all CAPS, with no line breaks), or supplier errors. If it's cabinet sizes differences, it's either the cabinet designer at fault or the person who provided the room measurements. The problems could be resolved if Lowe's hired construction administration experienced people to begin with to make decisions for them, and fixed their computer issues.

The other side of the problem is that Lowe's has a huge volume of customers that over-step their bounds to get some sort of compensation out to their problem, which was their fault to begin with, such as breaking products before they return them, or deciding on shopping on the busiest time of the day, to resolve a lengthily issue.

One customer returned tile adhered to cement board to Lowe's because his client didn't pay for the remodel, so he cut out the tiled area.

Another customer didn't want building inspectors in his home, which would have revealed some un-permitted work, so he created an elaborate story blaming the Lowe's employee to gain his contractor measure fee back. The employee received a write-up for the false customer report.

A jealous wife heard her husband talking about his visit to Lowe's where he visited with a female sales person about product. The wife called corporate, made up a story and had the woman fired. The woman without a job did not qualify for unemployment because she was fired, and was left without an income for her family.

Several people last year returned expensive appliances because "they didn't work right", however, when inspected by a repair person, there was nothing wrong with them and they worked fine. Lowe's lost thousands of dollars on appliances that are now considered "used" and have scratches from homeowners.

Most of the items that are returned to Lowe's by customers that have not been honest, are not re-sellable. Lowe's loses money every day to bad customers.

When you take into account all of the bad situations where Lowe's is held accountable, it really is not 'Lowe's' fault, to begin with, but they are ultimately held responsible for the loss.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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Kristy, I don't know if you bought a price reduced item due to the BBQ being displayed outside and exposed to outside conditions before being purchased by you. I don't know if you purchased a previously Returned item.

I also don't know how long the item was in your possession before you discovered that it had rust, if you had it loaded at the store then got home and began unloading it and discovered it, then drove it right back to the store, then their is a high likelihood that the product was unsatisfactory at the time you purchased it. However, my assumption is that you inspected the item before you allowed it to be loaded up into your truck because you mentioned that you were adamant about the BBQ's condition at the time of purchase. It was probably for a an event that you were having. From my experience, people return items because they don't find value in what they purchased any longer.

Most of the time it's because they've used the item. As I mentioned above, I am an ex-employee and don't work there any longer, but the common theme of returned items is that customers act like some act-of-God just came down and before their items are put into the cart by the cashier and they've rolled the cart out the double doors, that someone smashed their stuff. Cameras in the parking lot area record customer's unsafely storing their purchased items in their vehicles, mishandling items, dropping items.

Items are crammed into vehicles, set against sharp objects, stacked and not secured. All of those things do damage items after the item is purchased at the cash register.


So I was wrong returning a bbq that I A)did not have long enough for the wood to look like it was left out in the elements for 2 years B)was all rusty inside(even the instruction booklet was rusty when I clearly asked for one that was in the box, but was told after the fact that all the other bbq's they had either had broken parts or were missing parts(was told this after I had already paid for the bbq)? And wrongly told me that the bbq would be fine where he placed it in the truck(I wanted to move it to where I thought it would be stable-turns out I was right)- causing damage to the truck when the bbq shifted.


I also work retail and I feel your pain. Nothing you said is wrong.

I could also add some more to your tale but it is perfect the way it is. The customer is not always right and it is about time retail woke up and smelled the coffee