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Thinking about a major purchase from Lowe’s and wondering about their customer service standards if you were to have a problem? Read this and beware.

Monday May 7 purchased dishwasher connectors and installation in Epping NH. Spent over $800

I was told I’d hear from the installation center within 24 hours. No call.

Weds afternoon still no call , so I called the store. My same salesman told me to to expect a call that day. No call

Thursday called the store and spoke with another sales person in appliances. He said he would make sure I got a call that day. No call.

Saturday called the store and spoke with AM John who promised me a call from installation center that day. No call

Sunday went to the store to get a refund. John was there apologized and promised he would personally get it done and follow up on Monday before noon to make sure it was scheduled. I took his word but, no call.

Monday afternoon I called the store about 10 minutes out and asked that John (who was working). Meet me at the service area. He sent Mike from the service desk instead who promised someone would call me that day. I almost laughed and got a refund instead.

After leaving the store I called Lowe’s customer service line and told them what happened. They were seemingly appalled and promised that a supervisor would call within 48 hours. No call.

Thursday I called customer service again and they “escalated” the issue and promised an even higher field supervisor would call me within 4 hours. Once again, no call.

Monday 5/21 now two weeks from purchase I called customer service again. Gave her my phone number which she used to reference my complaint notes. She asked a lot of questions put me on hold twice killed 28 minutes then disconnected me in mid sentence. (I was being nice too!). I thought she’d call me back but no.

I called back and reexplained it all, was promised a supervisor would call. I did get a call back from Eddy in the installation center with no interest in any of Lowe’s many failures to call me as promised. He was slightly interested in why the store promised me an installation call within 24 hours. He couldn’t get me off the call fast enough and refused to forward the issue to the Regional Manager as I requested.

So I called customer service again. Customer service gave me a customer service supervisor who said it was a store issue! I said even though your department promised several calls from field management that never happened. He said he wanted to start a new complaint and have the store manager call me. I said “whatever” I’m done.

Thursday no call from anyone.

Found Regional Manager Kevin Becker on LinkedIn and messaged him privately with the timeline above. No reply.

I can only conclude that after 9 phone calls and 7 broken promises that there is a culture at Lowe’s that promotes disrespect for the very people that make their existence possible. I will avoid shopping there forever. Looks like Home Depot just got a new customer

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Dishwasher Installation.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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