Rock Hill, South Carolina

I have been a loyal customer of Lowe's for more many years. However, that ended today. I was charged $442.22 interest on a balance of some $1600 and on a deferred pay plan from 2010. Lowe's customer services did not even bother to call me to inform me of this looming interest charge.

Lowe's now charges an interest a rate of 24.99% to their "preferred" card holders, much higher than any store savings one may think he or she is getting. Their customer service is not user friendly nor customer friendly. When calling their "800" number to credit services, I had to listen to their spill for 10 minutes, unrelated to my issue, before I spoke with a real person (who was also arrogant).

"Lowe's" now stands for how "lowe" can you go in customer service and appreciation.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Credit Card.

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Cleveland, Ohio, United States #793064

I painted a bathroom with Valspar bathroom paint and what junk. The paint peeled off.

When I went to Lowes to complain they could have cared less. Gave me more excuses than you can imagine. Then the called Valspar and they had the same response.

It's was quite remarkable their lack of customer satisfaction. Benjamin Moore is always the way to go.


Just got stuck by lowes on the excessive interest. I received a deferred interest rate if paid off in time.

I made double payments and told them to pay off deferred account. lAST BILL I GOT STATED i NEED TO pay 587.00 or was going to get charged 188.00 interest on deferred account. When I call I got some girl that could not even speak english. I called back and got one that was not much better, but did make here understand my problem.

Her statement was that I should have called every month and told them how to credit my bill. Did find out that GE bank is handling the accounts. Lowes, when you sleep with a dog, you will get fleas. I paid off my account and Lowes is history.

I would advise anyone to shop elsewere. Gary Allen


You are dealing with GE Money Bank, who issue and regulate the Lowe's credit cards. If you had a deferred interest plan, if you didn't pay off the balance in the specified time frame, you were then charged interest from the date of purchase.

Most people don't understand that. They have no obligation to warn you your "promotional period" is ending.

You were given that information when you made the purchase. I hope this helps.

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