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I purchased a Troy Built snowblower in December 09 with the 3 year service plan for $99. It states on the brochure that I was given with my receipt, that if service is need "an in-home service appointment" can be scheduled.

Ha! When I called the number on the brochure I was told my $599.00 snowblower was not covered. It only covers items over $899.00. Plus, pick and delivery of the snowblower to a repair shop is not covered.

I live in Aurora, IL and they wanted me to haul this enormous snowblower to Westmont, IL. BTW - the location is Lowe's in Oswego, IL.

I hope they are satisfied with the $700 they got out of me because I will never, ever buy so much as a nail at Lowe's again. I'm also telling all my friends, family and neighbors to never shop at Lowe's.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

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Joke's on you. "3-yr service plan" is year THREE only.

The mfr warranty is TWO years. If your snowblower is still within the first two years, bring it to the closest authorized Troy Bilt service center. You were had.

"Satisfied Lowes Shopper" sounds like the plan administrator. Your coverage in year three is exactly same as mfr.


It clearly states in the extended warranty brochure that in-home service is only available for products over $899. Lowe's still covers your purchase, but you will have to bring the snowblower into the store to get it repaired.

One hundred percent of the parts and labor will be covered. The reason the warranties at Lowe's are relatively inexpensive is because we don't offer in-home service on all products. If you were able to haul the snowblower home, you should be able to haul it back for repairs.

If you had not purchased a warranty, the price to get the snowblower fixed would have been outrageous. I would count your blessings.

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