San Antonio, Texas
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I bought a kitchen-aid dishwasher in september 2007 and has gone out at least 5 times in the last 2 years. 4 times during the extended warranty period.

3 times this year and cannot seem to get any fast service. in two years the machine has been out of circulation 8 weeks because of run arounds. i cannot get them to replace the dishwasher nor get it fixed in a timely manner. i was promised that service soulutins would call me and never did.

i was told a supervisor would call me twice and never did. I finally talked to a supervisor (stacey) snd she said they could not do anything but send a technician next week

Monetary Loss: $628.

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I also purchased an extended warranty from lowes. Our washer has been tore up for 4 weeks now.

They keep jacking us around. Thinking of painting it a lemon color and sitting it in their parking lot with a sign reading"ask me about Lowes extended warranty"


I am sure it was their intention to sell you an extended warranty you did not understand - doofus. they made you pay the extra money, right.

service solutions is the contact for repairs - not Lowe's. And , oh yeah, if it has to be repaired more than 3 times during that warranty period - you get back what you paid for the dishwasher.

Wow, now that was difficult. In the future you might "ask" what yo are paying extra for.....

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