Fair Oaks, California
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Lowes is the worst employer ever. I worked there for 8 years, and i finally got sick and tired of their *** management team not doing anything.

They discriminated against me, and would sit in the back offices with the cute, young, skinny girls and ignore everyone else. So I finally called corporate on them. Surprise, 2 weeks later I got fired for "using profanity". Funny, because when i was terminated, i was never given an reason.

I had to figure it out on my own. The managers sit around all day and do nothing. They sexually harrass customers, and still dont get fired.

Lowes is a horrible place! Do not shop here!!!!!

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Keep your write ups. Im looting the store as A**H*** Tax.

We might as well follow my example and loot the store.

This ship is going down and i couldnt be happier. Maybe Home Depot will make Blow's an offer.


Eva.... you wrote that the managers would "sit in the back offices with the cute, young, skinny girls and ignore everyone else".

So in other words you are a fat, angry (judging from your post), bad employee? Does that about sum it up?


Check out www.glassdoor.com

:eek :upset :sigh :cry :( :x


Actually to get unemployment I have to tell the truth. The managers ever sexually harass customers or employees.

I just made that up because I was upset about getting fired. I swore at a customer and that is why I was fired and this was not my first time swearing at a customer or coworker.


cool story


Sucks to be you.