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150 sq ft of tile install took +5 months to complete. Issues: Backordered tiles Partial / Incomplete deliveries Deliveries scheduled but no show Delivery of wrong parts (10+ total deliveries & "attempts" where Lowe's didn't show or delivered wrong parts) Incorrect estimate of project Original estimator ordered wrong tile (which was installed) and wrong baseboard (ordered standard baseboards instead of the 5" which was required to cover the damaged drywall from when they removed the original 5" border) Two visits from Quality Mgr to assess project (no results from either) First contractors installed incomplete project (left a HOLE in the ground approx 12x8 with no tile.

Removed all baseboards but didn't add the new ones that Lowe's delivered. Second contractor came with wrong parts and then left and reported to Lowe's that it was due to me not having parking which is absolutely false. Third contractor came to replace an area outside of original scope so that my tile would match the tile incorrectly ordered/installed by first contractor and found water damage (water damage wasn't Lowe's fault but they used that as an excuse to not have to move forward without fixing hole or baseboard issue) Fourth didn't show up, cancelled 20 minutes before appt (after I had already taken off work.

Fifth contractor finally finished project (A really nice and competent gentleman). 25+ hours on the phone with Lowe's to resolve issues 7 + Lowe's employees who promised to "take a special interest" to make sure my project was complete and then didn't do anything as far as I can tell 12+ times I had to leave work for a delivery or install 5+ visits to Lowe's to meet with someone in person to get project moving.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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