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1. I needed new flooring for the house I'm moving into.2. I had three others look at the house in addition to Lowe's.3. Flooring salesman at Lowe's suggested a Pergo that I loved.4. Lowe's sent out an installer.5. Installer from Lowe's says tile has to come up. All of the tile. Everyone else who has looked at it said they could lay the Pergo over the tile. Lowe's website states that Pergo can be laid over tile. Pergo says it can be laid over tile. First problem. 6. Installer has 27 sheets of plywood on materials list. ??? Why?7. I asked flooring why there were 27 sheets of plywood on the materials list and he said installer was putting in a new subfloor all over the house. Why? Most of one small bedroom and part of a small bathroom has rotten flooring and needs new subfloor. ALL other subfloor is as solid as a rock. 2nd problem8. I was so puzzled about this that I went to Lowe's and talked to flooring again (I know I'm being a nuisance at this point, but, I really love that Pergo and I would like to get this worked out.) Flooring called installer and put him on speaker phone so I could hear him explain it. He said he wasn't putting in a new subfloor. He was going to put it over the subfloor where he was tearing up the tile. Why? Again, that subfloor is solid. Why would anyone have to put a subfloor over another subfloor? At this point, I'm thinking the installer doesn't know what he's doing. I asked for a different installer and flooring explained that it would cause trouble if one installer came out and submitted a quote and then another installer was chosen to do the job and that he hadn't had any complaints about this installer, so I didn't insist! 3 rd problem! At this point I won't number the problems. You can count them it you like! LOL! 9. Installer hadn't called by Friday night, so, I called flooring. He was very apologetic and said that this just shouldn't be happening. He called me back and said he hadn't been able to reach installer, but, that he left messages at two phone numbers for him. Installer later called me back, and set up a time to meet with me on Sunday after church.OK10, I waited all afternoon at the empty house, and installer never showed up. I called flooring again. Explained the no show. Flooring called installer and then installer called me back later. Set up another time to come look at the floor. 11. Installer's wife called because they were going to be late. OK. I appreciate that I was informed of this. They came and the installer and my brother went over the whole house and checked out all the floors. Installer wants me to talk to specific flooring employee about the quote he is submitting. Good idea! 12. The new quote doesn't have new subfloor on it, but, it does still have the tile being removed. Crazy! I do like the flooring and since I'm in a time crunch, I'm going to have Lowe's do the job. Paid for the job and signed the contracts.12. Installation is supposed to begin on Monday morning, Oct. 12. Materials are to be delivered between 1 and 5 Friday, the 9th. The laminate has to acclimate in the house for three days as I understand. They are supposed to give me an hour's notice of the delivery. 13. I waited till 4:23 and then called Lowe's about the delivery. I hadn't received a phone call yet. I was told that it would be another hour before they would call and a couple of hours before the delivery. I waited and waited, gave up, and came home. I was concerned because the Pergo has to acclimate in the house for three days, Didn't think they were coming. I decided to email customer service and corporate and Pergo. Never received a phone call from delivery, But, my brother saw the delivery truck's lights about 8:30, So I jumped in my truck and went down to receive the flooring. Of course, it's the Sabbath now, and I was planning on resting. Disappointing to have to deal with delivery at this time of night. They finished unloading around 9:40. I'm really not happy, at this point, that I decided to trust Lowe's. 14. Member of senior management team at Lowe's contacted me by phone, regarding the email I had sent to Customer Service. He assured me that Lowe's has my back and I felt much better and reassured that he was going to contact installation and make sure this job starts running more smoothly. He also was going to make sure the crew that is supposed to be out Monday morning to begin installation, would call before they came, so, that I would be there. 15. Oct 12: I got up at 6 and was waiting in my PJs for the call from installers. When I got the call from the installers crew at 8, they were at the house. I had left it unlocked and told them to go on in. I got dressed and went down to the house. V, who speaks English asked me what they needed to do. ??????? Oy! I told them that I thought the rotten floors needed to be replaced and the tile needed to come up first (I guess) Why didn't the installer give them his instructions? I don't know what he wants done today! They started walking around on the tile and checking it out and doing that little jumping thing they do to check if the floors are solid. They're speaking Spanish or Portuguese or something. They start waving their arms and saying "No, No" They're rattling off to V. I was trying to figure out what was going on. Finally V translates and tells me they're saying the tile doesn't need to come up. Roflol! They need to leave the tile. Makes a good solid floor! Much better to leave tile down. Will even add insulation to the floor! V tells me all this and tells me that they're right. I shouldn't tear up the tile! Oh my gosh! Are you kidding me? I was speechless. Literally. They started speaking again in whatever and I finally threw up my hands and told them Wait, Wait! so I could talk to V. I told V that I DIDN'T want the tile taken up. That was totally the installers wishes! She looked stunned. She said she would the installer. I said I would call flooring. V says installer will come out and talk to me around 4. Flooring says installer is supposed to get out to my house with a crew and start the job. The crew that installer had sent out had left. Just left! V stayed behind and told me that installer was really good and he was going to do this job himself and it would be beautiful and I would be so happy! Installer does come out ALONE and starts smooth talking, promising me he will do this job himself. He's going to come out around 4 and get started with a crew to get the floors prepped and ready to start installation. He says they'll probably be done prepping floors that night or early the next morning and the job would be finished by Thursday (the 15th, Friday, the 16th, at the latest, depending on the prep time. (I can't imagine) The rotten floors have to be torn out and cleaned up, the leveling has to be done, the tile has to come out (according to the installer).Not according to the three other flooring specialists who had already looked at it, Pergo, Lowe's own website, and now, installers own crew. But, he's assuring me that he will do it himself and they will be beautiful, and I will love them. (Is that a script?) 16. F. came out and started tearing up the tile around 4. M, his brother came out later and also started tearing up tile. These are not on any of the installers crews. They're people he calls when he's in a bind. They hadn't had dinner, so, I went and picked up burgers,fries, and milk shakes, made them some tea etc. They're really hard workers! I went home and ate with Rick, my brother (just got us burgers too). When the installer came out around 8, I told him I would go get lunchmeat, etc. in the morning so the guys would have food handy. He said he was glad I brought that up, because they couldn't come out in the morning. It would be tomorrow night again. Geez! He said he would start full days on Wed. the 14th. Are you laughing yet? I was! LOL!17. Oct. 13: F and M came out and started tearing up the rotten floor. I went down and saw that they're letting the rotten flooring fall on the ground under the house. I asked if they were going to clean that up. It was supposed to be cleaned up and hauled off. I'm concerned about termites if they don't clean up all of it and that was part of the deal (that everything would be cleaned up and hauled off). M said they were taking out the big pieces and then they'ld clean up the rest when they got the floor all up. I'm so frustrated and discouraged! I was feeling so much better about it after senior management called me. I thought he was going to make sure everything would be going smoother. Today his attitude was that remodeling never goes smoothly. I know that! I"M remodeling! Lowe's is just supposed to do the floors. And I know this is not right. I'm a contractors daughter! Won't be contacting senior management again, No point! If he hasn't taken care of this yet, he's not going to. He asked me if I wanted to talk to installation manager. ??????? Wasn't HE supposed to be in contact with installation management? Is anyone really in charge and if so, who the heck is it?

18. Oct. 14: It's wednesday morning Oct. 14 No show. I called flooring manager and filled him in on what had happened since Monday morning . He talked to installation manager and the woman over him. Installer called and said he would be out tomorrow morning! Roflol! Hahahahaha! He said F and M will be here again tonight. Still no crew from the installer. Who, in their right mind would ever want to deal with this kind of ***!?! I'm so done with Lowe's. I really hate that because they're close and I don't want to have to drive to Home Depot. But, oh well! When the guys were cleaning last night I noticed they were dropping all the rotten flooring under the house. Not good! I asked if they were gonna clean it up and M said they were. They had the subfloor on, so, I couldn't see if they had cleaned it up. Installer said that it had been cleaned up and he would come out to take up the subfloor and show me.. I'm thinking "sure you will" Ive dealt with him enough to know he's gonna try to talk his way out of doing it even if he really does show up. I decided to try to look under the house and see if it had been cleaned up and of course it wasn't. I got pictures! Everything had just been dropped on the ground and left under the house. I'm concerned about all that rotten wood being under the house and getting termites etc. I decided to call flooring manager back and let him know that they had NOT cleaned it up before putting the subfloor down. He said that's not acceptable at all. F came first and then was joined by M. Installer showed up and started telling me it was clean etc. I showed him pictures of it and then he said it's OK. It won't hurt anything. It's fine. It doesn't need to be cleaned and all that talk, talk, talk. Then he wanted to get the guys to go under the house and pull it out and then I could check it and see if it was OK. Really!?! I told him I wasn't going to crawl under the house. Then he wanted to take pictures of it after they cleaned it. Right! He finally gave in after I told him I had talked to Nick, and he had M take up the middle of the subfloor and cleaned it up and let me check it. I had to check it three times before it was actually clean enough to just let it go and call extermination to come out and treat underneath the house later. T wore me out with his talk, talk, talk! He's so good at flooring. Lowes trusts him. I don't understand what its like to have to run 4 crews, blah blah blah. Whew! I was so glad when he left! I was really glad I had called Nick and knew that it wasn't acceptable to leave all that under the house because the installer kept assuring me that it was fine. He tried everything to get out of doing it. They're supposed to come in the morning. We'll see. The dust was so bad, even with a mask that I'm really, really, congested. Can't lay down!

Thursday Oct 15 I decided not to get up early. If they lock the door, they can just call me and I'll let them in if they get here. I'm not gonna get up and go wait for them. AGAIN! I didn't hear or see any activity from the house till 10. I got dressed and went down to see if they were there and if I needed to make some tea for them. Installer was leaving in the uhaul. He said I didn't need to go into the house because of what they're doing today. They must be leveling with that cement flooring stuff. I don't need to walk on it! Fine with me. By the time they left last night, all I could to was laugh about it when a friend of mine called. It's like "life imitating art" (a comedy) LOL! I could tell installer is not at all happy with me. I'm not at all happy with him either! I know he didn't intend to come out at all today, but, the flooring manager said he was going to call him as soon as he got to the store at 6 a.m. Installer told me yesterday that if someone from Lowe's came out and looked at the trash under the house, they would tell me it was fine. I suggested that we call Lowe's and get someone to come out and look at it. I would LOVE for someone to come out and look at everything! He said no one would come. I think he's right. No one has been out to check on anything even after all the problems. They didn't take long to do the leveling, and left, so, I'm not sure who they were. Installer called me later while I was out picking up some stuff. He said he would be out in the morning to get started on the floor and they would work through the weekend and get it finished asap. Since he tells me stuff like that all the time and then doesn't do it, I called flooring.Lost my notes from Friday, Saturday. Packing and trying to get ready to move. Don't remember where I put them. In some file or folder that I can't find now. But, I know that Saturday, they had Pergo in the living room one bedroom and hall. I think it was Saturday that the tile was laid in the bathroom.

Sunday: I checked on the house on my way out to pick up order at Wal Mart. Three guys were working on the floors! On the way back home the lights were all on and the front door was wide open, but, there were no vehicles or anyone outside. Thought maybe they went to eat or something. I came home and put up the stuff, ate, and went back down there to see if anyone was still working. There was no one there. Lights all on and door wide open. But, the laminate is all done. Looks like all they have left to do is, grouting the tile and putting down the quarter round. Haven't seen the installer.

Monday: Oct. 19 Installer called and wanted to have coffee with me. LOL! More smooth talking, but, in fact, nothing has changed! He says he'll bring me a paper to sign tomorrow. I'm gonna call Lowe's and see what I'm supposed to be signing. Also there isn't any quarter round in the bathroom.

Tuesday: Installer is supposed to come out to put the quarter round in the bathroom. I went to check out the house and took pictures. Some trim is missing. I'm not sure why they took it up. Anyway, it's missing. Commode was leaking. Wouldn't flush properly. Cleaned up water to make sure it's leaking. Thought maybe it was a spill from something since my brother and the cable guy were down there for a while. It is leaking, but, flushing better now. Big deep hole behind pedestal sink where lines come up through floor, Cuts in tile beside commode and square hole around water lines in both bathrooms, gaping quarter round, bubbles under laminate in at least two places. The tile in the bathroom is uneven, corners sticking up, whole tiles taller than rest of floor. Looks like I did the tile! Took pictures and sent them to my daughter. Installer texted me and said he wouldn't be out (Hahaha) Yeah! I wasn't counting on it! He sent guy to put down 1/4 round. I showed his wife the missing places where the trim is missing and the gaps and cracks in 1/4 round. Ivan caulked a little. Haven't looked at it today. Was so exhausted last night, I just really didn't want to mess with it. I had just told my brother that I thought I would just get my shower and lay down and read or watch something on TV when installer texted me and told me V. was coming out with the papers. I just figured no one would show. They got here around 6:30. Were done by 7:30. I had called and got installment before they came. Told him I wanted someone to come look at it and see if it's OK with them. If this floor is up to Lowe's quality standards, I'm shocked!

Wednesday: Haven't heard from Lowe's yet. A message was supposed to be left for manager to call. Finally called installation about 5:30 and she gave me a number that I could use to text her pictures. She sent pictures to V. F came out around 7 and put new line on the commode. Don't know what happened to the new lines I bought, but, I had one in the tool closet, so, that worked (I hope). Pedestal sink is loose and moving around. Wasn't before. It has never moved around since it was put in! ????? I showed F. and he was telling me something, but, I couldn't understand him, so, I just dropped it. It irks me to have to call and call and call again to get anything done. And I have to call Lowes because installer won't EVER do what he says he will. He just keeps putting me off and I'll be here tomorrow and I'll fix it, and it will be beautiful and you will love it and on and on. He evidently tells Lowes what he wants them to believe, but, he isn't doing anything or supervising anything or inspecting anything. He needs to be more accountable to Lowe's and to the customers. I really want that trim to be fixed, but, Im thinking that's not going to happen unless I just refuse to sign off on this job till it's done. I really hate it, but, I really want them to do what they're supposed to do!

Thursday: Flooring manager called this morning and is going to meet me at 10:30 in the morning. I don't want installer or any of his crews back out here. The things they are supposed to be fixing, that will be beautiful, I will love it, looks like ***!

Friday: Installment manager called and rescheduled for tomorrow at the same time. He forgot about a previous commitment.

Saturday: Installment manager came and looked at the floor. He said he wasn't going to sign off on this job until another installer looks at it. I know it's not a professional job, but, then, what are Lowe's standards of quality. I really don't know. Guess I should have made sure I knew that before I went with them. I just assumed that it would be a professional job and would LOOK like a professional job.

Monday Oct. 26 Called and talked to installation. Commode is leaking again. Valve is so close to the floor that I can't turn it. I think I got it stopped though. For now, anyway. She said that manager had given my number to another installer and he's supposed to call and set up a time to come out and look at the floors.

It's Wednesday night Oct. 28: No "other" installer has called to set up a time and I'm thinking if anyone does call, it will be the weekend. My kids are STILL coming for Thanksgiving and I STILL have to move and get ready for the Holidays. I'm gonna blast the internet with this. I'm sick of waiting for Lowe's to come through! If this helps ANYONE, that would be a good thing! Have photos and receipts and contracts, but, they're not uploaded yet. I don't know how to do that.

Reason of review: Problems with everything.

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Lesson Learned. Always hire a Professional Contractor with References your self. Lowes, Home depot, Sears and any other Big Box Store always use the cheapest Subcontractors they can find.


This story brought tears to my eyes, I'm lost for words so sorry for what your going through