Old Orchard Beach, Maine

From April 2008 to Oct. 2011 i was an employee of Lowe's On Oct. 16 my particular store closed due

to marketability questions or whatever. We were paid 2 months and remained employees til Dec. 16 fine.

Since the closure i have applied for 50 or more positions at other lowe's stores in the region with not as

much as 1 interview. I don't feel this is right that i couldn't have had at least one interview after the time

at the company but of course many will say tough. I applied for one position way outside th region (north

Dakota actually 2 one in indiana and got responses from both. This indicates a sort of block in this area

where i live . In agreement or not i have decided 2 months ago to discontinue any shopping at Lowe's

and advise friends and relatives to do the same at their discretion. Finally in my 3and1/2 years working

there i missed 2 days (callouts) only. Not good enough as i was not a good lackey.

Monetary Loss: $12.

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I left lowe's because they would not hire me full time. They would hire outside of the store, and I have more education than most of the management that I worked for.

They treat women like *** and expect you to do everything. One day I even had to mop up vomit!!!!!

I absolutely hated working there and would not recommend anyone to work there. The benefits are horrible if you are part time and the pay is horrible as well.


As a woman of Lowe's, theirs discrimination here! No upper management positions.

They have gone to hiring out of store. there's no reason to want to stay at Lowe's. They don't promote from within!! You get told one thing from a mgr.

and then management changes and then EVERYTHING is out the door! Here in N.Carolina, they push you to sell but for what? They want you to push customers to take their credit cards, my lowes card? Customers turn every corner in the isles and are attacked by customer service people "PUSHING" something on the customers!

No wonder they are going else where. If they are NOT going to PROMOTE the EMPLOYEES that have been working their then WHY PERFORM FOR THEM! These HR people are just there to back up the manager. If you get hired, your starting pay is "COMPUTER GENERATED"??

DUH? You can't argue with a computer! Takes ALL the HUMAN element out of working for them and no matter how good you are there's always an EXCUSE as to why you weren't given priority first! One man wondered why he didn't get a chance at a position that he wanted to try for.

He was asked to help out a delivery the day they choose the applicants and was NOT given the chance cause he was out helping a delivery?

Management changes whatever they want to fit how they want it. There is no HONESTY in Lowe's Management!! They make their own BEST deals for THEMSELVES TOO!! They can best take advantage of STEALING from LOWE'S!!

Cashiers see it ALL THE TIME!! I would not support a company like this!!


So your entire store got laid off and you expect to find a position nearby, how many other employees reapplied. And shouldn't they have given you a month or so notice they were shutting down, this was the time you should have looked into transferring not after.


Nature of the business.

Companies are all cutting back. Employees have to re-apply to continue emplyment.

Even then, they may loose senority and benifits. It's a win-win-win situation for the company, none-none-none for the employee. Empleyees really have no power, even though the compnay says they are employee focused! They really mean...

until it no longer suits them.

This is true for almost all companys.

The rules are: (1) Companys make the rules. (2) There are no other rules.