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On April 1, 2014, I contacted LOWE'S Store #0281, 1301 Boll Weevil Circle, Enterprise, AL 36330 and they sent Kenneth Burnette, Employee 1300044, to my homesite to sell me doors and windows. I had some catalogues which Lowe's had provided and I chose, among other things, a Reliabilt entry door named "The Hampton", (which has two sidelights, 3/4 oval glass, and an elliptical transom). The order totaled $12,750, which I paid in full that evening.

I expressed to Kenneth Burnette, several times that evening, that I wanted the door to be exactly as pictured on both pages 9, and 18 of Reliabilt's Steel and Fiberglass Entry Door Catalogue, with the EXCEPTION that I didn't want the wider, brown colored outside trim cut off at about knee height, as in the picture . Each time that I reiterated my desire that the wood colored trim be extended to the floor level, Kenneth Burnette agreed, and stated that he'd make sure my wishes were followed. Well ... he misled me!

As soon as he got my money, he disappeared and would have no further contact with me. When the order came, there were many, many things wrong with the windows. Many had to be re-ordered. The entry door was to be “WINEBERRY” in color with a band of brown trim surrounding the Wineberry trim, as in the picture. Instead, the inside had been painted white, rather than Wineberry, so it had to be sent back.

As it turns out, Lowe's now claims that they don't even offer the pictured trim and they even told me I'm on my own to try to find something for myself. I paid for the door as pictured!!!

Angelia Gillis, Market Director for Lowe's, stated that the interior trim wasn't included with the door ... and furthermore claims that the exterior trim is stucco (that's untrue) and that Lowe's considers the matter closed.

On October 8, 2014, Angelia Gillis, Market Director, Panama City Beach, FL sent me a letter asking me to sign a RELEASE OF ALL CLAIMS absolving Lowe's from all responsibility in resolving this situation. That’s absurd!!! I paid for the door as pictured and Lowe’s doesn’t want to fulfill the order, so they can either make the door as ordered and paid for, or refund the entire amount of money ... or I’ll have to take appropriate action.

I've had several LOWE's EMPLOYEES suggest that I hire an attorney and go after Lowe's for fraud and misrepresentation. (One recently said, in the presence of another who was privy to the entire situation, "You didn't hear this from me, but you need to hire an attorney and go forward.")

Lowe’s has been stalling for 7 months, while I’ve placed dozens of phone calls to Robert Parker, the Lowe's Store Manager in Enterprise; made multiple trips to LOWE'S Enterprise; and he still refuses to make things right. He's now been instructed by Lowe's Corporate to drop the matter.

Is this how LOWE's operates? Using fraud and deception to bilk innocent people out of their money? If I'm not mistaken, this is against the law and it's often called, "Bait and switch." (Present something and then deliver another.)

Sometimes criminal charges have been pursued, charging those involved with "THEFT BY DECEPTION". I've been very patient (for more than a half year) and now Angelia Gillis asked me to sign a release of liability absolving LOWE's of their actions. I think NOT!!!

I have many friends who work for Lowe's. They're fine people! But when you become close friends, they'll tell you "horror stories" of the "goings on" behind the scenes. One recently told me that when their family goes on an outing, and someone asked where they work, they hesitate to tell them because it seems that everyone has a “horror story” either of their own, a friend’s, or relative’s dealings with LOWE’s. This person said, “It’s embarrassing to have someone tell you publicly, when you're at a picnic or park with your family, about their terrible experience with LOWE’s. (That shouldn’t be. I’ve been a LOWE’s customer or many years and have met some wonderful friends while they worked there.)

I bought about $30,000 of Kraftmaid Kitchen Cabinets from Lowe's Store #2884, on the Montgomery Highway (US231) in Dothan. The order was placed and PAID FOR on March 31, 2014. The initial sales lady (Betty Mercier) had no idea what she was doing. She kept blaming her incompetence on her computer. (***She ended up ordering 109" of cabinets to be installed on one wall that was precisely 100" long.***)

Six Cabinets had to be reordered and I had to redesign my kitchen, adding 3” to a wall, to help correct her mistake. Bett is incompetent in cabinet design, attempting kitchen design (without direct supervision). That’s inexcusable. To be fair, I must say that the store manager did the right thing, and reassigned my job to an extremely capable lady (Kalli Crozier). I've heard from several independent sources that mine is not the only case of Bett's disasters being handed off to Kalli for resurrection.

Lowe's has dragged their feet completing my job. Today is November 17, and Lowe's is still not completed with the installation (7 1/2 months later).

Lowe's hired a sub-contractor named Ken Banks, K&E Installations, Chipley, FL who drilled all the holes for the knobs and door pulls, by just guessing where they should be (missing the mark on many of them thereby installing them crooked and not in alignment). He was supposed to use a template to assure that all would be done the same, but claimed someone else had his template.

Ken Banks made the opening for the refrigerator slanted so there's a 7/16" gap on the upper right corner. His solution was to drive a thick wooden wedge beneath the left from leg of my NEW Kitchenaid refrigerator/freezer ... thereby bending the refrigerator housing, in order to fit his crooked opening. Of course, that caused the doors to be completely out of alignment. Ken stated that someone could later realign the doors.

Ken has refused to return and fix his mess!!! The Install Sales Manager at LOWE'S #2884, (Bill), has been very diligent, placing many, many phone calls to KEN, sent his multiple faxes, and texts, but receives no response. Apparently, Ken cares only about getting the initial install money, rushes the job, does SOME things *** and doesn't want to return to remedy his mistakes.

So ... Lowe's is finally hiring another contractor to remedy his mess. (At least the North Dothan Lowe's store, (managed by Shane Showalter), is attempting to remedy their mess ... which is more than I can say about the Enterprise store (managed by Robert Parker).

Robert Parker has been totally disinterested from the beginning. It appears that his attitude is, "We've got your money ... now you're on your own." Shame on Lowe's for hiring someone like that!!!

I've been spending from anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000 per month with LOWE's. I very much like many of LOWE's employees. But it only takes one bad apple to spoil the entire barrel. LOWE's can either fire those who are involved in deception, fraud, and other misconduct ... and protect their customers ... or they'll end up going the way of many other large corporations who saw no need to treat the customers with dignity and honesty.

As for me ... it's a fairly clear call ... treat me right ... or I'll be forced to get a remedy through other means … and I’ll have to take my business elsewhere.

Besides that ... does it make economic sense to spit in the face of their customers ... when it's those very customers who made LOWE's what they are today? Spit in the face of a loyal customer over a few hundred dollar door trim issue, and loose his many years of loyalty???

I guess LOWE'S senior management will have to make that call.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $3800.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

  • Incomplete Installation
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Can you provide me with the Phone numbers and personal address of Mr. Bob Parker, manager at LOWES Enterprise Al store also for Mr.

Kenneth Burnette.

Having same problem with both in trying to get help with their Breach of Contract. Need their information to file Complaint with Small Claims Court but Lowes is very goo at keeping this information hid.



https://www.youtube.com/watch? Look for the "Green Snakes" GE Capital Retail Pay Pal.

They even had the nerve to use the United States Post Office to defraud consumers! This goes to show you just how GREEDY & EVIL they really are. The review listed below have actual documents for people to look at.

Please go to these pisssedconsumer reviews:All of these reviews posted have actual documents that have been uploaded to show people just how EVIL they truly are #520251 #488834 #483913 #483025 #481983 #483913 #479336 & #478478 #522235 #489486 #572301

This bank handles CREDIT cards for hundreds of stores & the stores are just as guilty as the "EVIL CORPORATIONS" they use to manage there credit cards.

If you have a credit card with a store that uses this bank you need to look & see if you have been charged illegally. These are some of the companies that pay these "CROOKS" Lowes, Wal-Mart, Sears you can find out more by going to the Rip-Off Report with the "Rebuttal" from an employee, Number 1140625 this gives a list of some of the stores that have this bank for credit cards. There is also a clip on You Tube https://www.youtube.com/watch? or just look for the "Green Snakes" there are three of them

You can file a complaint with The Department of Justice, The Department of Financial Institutions or as I like to say The Confused Financial Pissonyou Bureau (The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) The Comp Controller of Currency & The Federal Trade Commission, What ever you do DO NOT file with the BBB they are paid good money to keep those "A's" for the companies that pay them.

Did you know that Pay Pal, GE Money Bank, GE Capital Retail Bank, GE Capital Retail Money Bank which all start with the letter "G" the new name is Synchrony Bank now are trying to get "Class Action Lawsuits” BANNED!