Cash payments made instore to Lowe's on Lowe's>GEBank card. Clerk did not give receipts.

My local Bank info provided to Lowe's Store and to GEBank by phone. Did not get resolved/forced to pay late charges and service charges. Local Bank failed/FDIC sale to another bank in following year. Info provided again while bank records available.

GE Bank did not process information. Will never use GEBank again.

At seniors meeting--found two other people had same problem with GEBANK--one at Lowe's and one at Bank handle instore accounts. Beware of GE Bank.

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Always get a cash receipt. Everyone knows that.


The same thing happened to friend of mine. Bank and Lowe's lost payments or posted to someone else's account.

He could not get resolution--2 lost $20 payments cost him almost $l80.00--payments never found.

GE Money Bank operates with no professional ethics. TN Belle

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