Shallotte, North Carolina

WENT the shallotte,nc store to buy a 999.00 dollar lawn mower..YOU advertised that you will deliver a washer or dryer for 299.00 free

but you won't deliver a riding lawn mower that is worth alot more..we had just built a 15x24 shed with all materials being bought at lowes and have just lost a lifetime customer...all for nothing...what a shame. alo it was a great place to buy all my flowers and everything i needed for the yard and house...we will never step foot in the doors again and be sure word of mouth goes along way in this small town

Monetary Loss: $999.

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Maybe he does his laundry with his lawnmower. Saves water, electric and not to mention the folding time is zero which leaves more time for complaining??????????


What does free delivery on an appliance have to do with delivering a lawn tractor? Open your eyes--everyone offers "free" delivery on appliances.

Don't be fooled, they have all built the delivery charge into the price of the appliance. Sure, they could change the price of the tractor to $1050 and say they will deliver it free as well.