Helotes, Texas

I took four light pendants I had bought at Lowe's to see if I could return them. I did not have the receipt, so I was aware that they may refuse to allow me to return them.

But, since the total cost was over $100 I thought it would not hurt to ask. When I got to the return desk, I explained that I did not have the receipt, and I would understand if they could not accept them. They said they would look for the item number, and I may be able to return them. They could not find others like them as they get new styles often, so the attendant asked me to go look on the shelves to see what they were called so he could search online.

When I returned, I noticed one was broken. The attendant told me he did not do it. He said he heard a clink and looked over and saw a large chip had miraculously fallen off by itself. He said he would work hard on getting me some kind of return since this happened.

After an hour if him talking to different employees, a manager finally came to me and said there was nothing she could do. I said I understood I could not get a refund for 3 of them, but they should compensate me, no matter how little, for breaking one of them.

She said there was nothing she could do. Seriously?!!!

Monetary Loss: $25.

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