High Point, North Carolina

Lowe's doesn't care about it's employees, or former workers. I have a real Horror story to tell.They're just like any other large company, the more you do for them, the more they treat you like ***!

I'll never return to a lowes store because of the way they've treated me.If I find someone that will help me,I plan file a Lawsuit.....Also,after you leave lowes, all management people treat you like you've never worked there.

You're spitting into the wind if you need info. or get any help from the Lowe's corp.

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LAWSUIT! I'm filing a LAWSUIT!

I'm going to file a LAWSUIT because I'm too pathetic to get a job and stick with it. I would rather sit on my butt and get a settlement that way I don't have to roll by fat butt around town and be a productive member of society...LAWSUIT...I'm going to file a LAWSUIT!!!


Don't be bitter. The only people I have seen complain about lowes are the ones that don't realize they don't fit what the company needs to succeed and they try and find ways around working instead of doing what it takes to get the job done. You "threatening a lawsuit" speaks volumes.

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