2307 Cobbs Ford Rd, Prattville, AL 36066, USA
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Lowe's in Prattville is AWFUL. Please be aware that a "NEW" policy is in place.

If you purchase a weedeater, blower, lawnmower, pressure washer and it stops working.....you have 30 days to return it. PERIOD. You have to have the receipt showing the date of purchase. If it's more than 30 days, you will be taking your non-working item right back to the house!

No return, no exchange....no working ***-eater. In other words, you are paying $199 to use a ***-eater 2 times.... THIS IS WRONG. What happened to customer service?

What *** made the decision to refuse to either give you another working item, or a refund of the purchase price? After 47 days, I have a *** eater that will NOT crank. I made the manager go outside and pull and pull and pull.....to prove to him, that this new item was NOT cranking...... still NO resolution.

I had to leave the store with a *** eater that will never work. How long will they be able to continue ripping their customers off? I hope Home Depot puts them out of business. And with this new policy, it should not take long.

If you want to spend your hard-earned money, please don't give it to Lowe's.

They are unfair, and have policies that are non-negotiable. They ripped me off, don't be next.

Product or Service Mentioned: Troy Bilt Tb22 Ec String Trimmer.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Manufacturers warranty. Most items come with at least one year.


It sounds like you need to enter in to some "ANGER MANAGEMENT" therapy. And I wouldn't be stuck with bringing a non-working item back home.

I'd just leave it right there in the store when they would have informed me that I had been screwed.

No use lugging around a piece of worthless junk. I guess that a lunatic could make a big show out of it by smashing the item on the floor in the store, but I would just walk away and chalk the whole thing up to tuition in the College of Hard Knocks.


The whole story wasn't told here. Lowes may have a period of 30 days where they will take it back but the manufacturer will usually have a 1-2 year warranty.

It is only useless if you are too lazy to take it to a service center and have it repaired. Read and understand warranties and return policies before you purchase a product so you know what to expect.




The customer is not always right.


try and claim something on Lowes extended warranty. you see a rip off.


Lowe’s is the worst Can’t ever get anybody knowledgeable to help you there’s only one person at the cash register most of the time terrible store


sounds like a lot of people that work at lowes replied to this. most stores won't let you return stuff with fuel in them after 30 days home depot won't either


Too often has "No hassle" returns, that allows customers to bring back things they've often damaged due to negligence or misuse, with the rarer occasion of the product being faulty, has been overly abused. It's good to see a company enforcing policies that protect those who actually treat their product with care.

The self righteousness of the customer always being right is such an outdated philosophy.

Too many scammers and *** just trying to make a deal, as if it was an auction house. Good luck with that.


You must be a snowflake as you have no idea about customer service. People will quit shopping there if they get lousy service, then your out of a job.


First thing You should have done was gotten a better *** eater. Second thing is to put the right type of fuel in it.

The premixed from Lowe’s/Walmart.

Third thing is don’t be mad at them. Their are people out there that buy lawn equipment use it a few times and return it.


Read the warranty that came with the product. You will find it covers repairs, not replacement.

Contact the manufacturer for a service center who will repair it for you if it is defective.

Your use of stale gas, no oil or improper use of the equipment will not be covered. You would be surprised at how many people expect gas they have had sitting around for long periods of time expect it to work...fact is, it doesn't.


That is the return policy almost everywhere for anything, after 30 days, manufacturer warranty. What a newb.


I had my weed eater 12 days bought premixed fuel used once fell apart and they said I had to send it to be repaired within 18 bus days


Read your warranty. It says the manufacturer will repair it, not replace it.


Your warranty is with Toro not lowes.


Maybe you should have gotten the warranty????


I have the same problem and there is a warranty for 1 year provided by manufacturer. This is ridiculous.


That is correct, the warranty is with the manufacturer, not the store. Contact the manufacturer and find out where to take it for repair.


they do not honor the extended warranty.