Long Branch, New Jersey

My name is Linda Kaufman and I was given extremely rude customer service at the Lowe's Home Improvement Center in Willow Grove by an associate named Alan in the plumbing department. IAs I stated earlier in my 1st email, this man is rude and an awful employee.

He just didn't want to help me at all with my blinds and shades that needed to be cut. He laughed at me and told me to find someone myself and that someone would come around. He laughed again when I walked out and I saw him just sitting in his chair. He seemed very lazy and unwilling to help in any capacity.

I'm now a Depot shopper and plan to stay that way and tell all of my friends, family, and neighbors. I hope management fires this awful employee!!!

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I love how completely unbelievable some of these stories are. She makes it sound like alan in plumbing is mentally unstable and a complete psychopath.

Here is what most likely actually happened. Alan in plumbing was in plumbing with an actual plumbing customer, giving that customer actual plumbing advice when this lady walks up to him with a blind in her hand asking that he drop what he is doing and cut it for her. He most likely asked her to wait a moment until he was done with his already engaged plumbing customer in the plumbing department. She prob freaked out when he suggested this rational course of action and overeacted and stormed off.

Alan in plumbing and the plumbing customer most likely rolled their eyes and had a good little laugh at what a *** she was. Ever think of finding an associate in the actual department you need for help in? There is a call button right next to the blind cutting machine that will get someone to your location in 30 seconds and guess what.

If they answer that call button...they may actually know how to cut blinds. So funny


Lowesguy how arroagnt can you be? How do you come up with a story of "what most likely happened" ?

Were you there? How do you know what this lady went thru? True I agree she should hav went to the right dept,but how hard would it have been for him to pick up a phone and ask for someone to meet a customer at the right dept?

I suppose when she was leaving and he was sitting in a chair laughing that he was helping a plumbing customer then to ? you sound like a complete *** !!!


I agree...sounds typical. I think he was waiting on another customer...maybe he was laughing because he was on a good mood that day . :)


Dear Linda,

We are so sorry that our employee Alan who works in the plumbing department and reeks of cheap booze and cigars couldnt help you cut a blind. Had you perhaps walked your idiotic self to the Windows and wall department and asked for help you may have gotten it. I say this loosely may...Further next time try walking into the store with less of an attitude. The associates could really care less about cheap wanna be trash such as yourself. It is part of a new company program known as LEF It is where we cut the sales staffs wages by removing their incentives. This ensures that they will be lethargic and unresponsive to you the general idiots. Any way remember 2-11-12 as the day that lowes sales staff quit caring. in closing I would like to say pound sand.

Thank you customer care,

P.S. The home depot is running some great promos.

@Customer Care

what with all the name calling ???? does it make you feel all grow up or something ??? geez !


Did you ever think he might not have known how to cut blinds? You said he was in the pumbing department.

I'm sure if you had a question about plumbing he would have helped.

I'm sure your attitude was the reason he laughed. One more entitled person who crys when things don't go their way!


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