Buffalo, New York
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I ordered three interior doors to be installed in my home. I payed $1,240 up front on May 23.

I now have two doors,( it's October 22 ) but they have had to send back the third door twice because it came to them damaged and twice the installers they sent damaged the door....badly. In the mean time, I have had family come to visit and had to hang a sheet in the door.

Everyone apologizes, but it is the most incredibly incompetent work that I have ever seen done ( and I'm NOT the fussy sort )...Will NEVER go into a Lowe's store again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

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Lowe's installers are not required to be GC's.

If you are going to Lowe's for the best deal, you are out of luck.

Stuff gets damaged in transit, so it's best to not wait until the last minute... Things are usually more complicated than they should be, so allow for that in your immediate need time frame...


:) Correction

When the Installer is in your Home doing a Detail, please ask questions.

Don't wait until the Job is completed.

Are you a General Contractor or a Sub-Contractor.

Are you a Certified Door Installer may I see Proof ! ( Now not Later )

May I see Pictures of your Installations. ( Current 30 Day's )

What is included and what is not !

( Materials )

Will the Project begin within Two Day's. ( Depending on Delivery of

my Door ?

What is your Personal Guarantee !

( If Any ) Daa.

Only you can decide if this Person is right for the Job !


Certified Installer

Brighton, Co


:) Correction All Certified Installers with Lowe's. ( Are General Contractors )

The Home Depot has a General Contractor with a Office. They hire

( Sub Contractors )

Best regards,

Certified Installer

Brighton, Co



Sadly, there's a reson these guys have to work for Lowe's or other big box stores. If they were the "cream of the crop" they would have plenty of work without having to go to the chain stores for work.

As a Lowe's employee, I WOULD NEVER let these guys into my home for anything! But, to defend Lowe's a bit here, it's not just us, ANY of the box stores, us, Home Depot, Sears, subcontract out to third party installers.

Better to buy the doors, windows, etc. @ Lowe's, then find a good, qualified, independent installer to put them in, in some cases, it might even be cheaper than paying for the install in store, AND, it will be done right to boot!

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