Boston, Massachusetts

I brought a grill, and was told will order a new one and have it assemble for free, had to wait a few days as it needs to order one to have it come in and have the person comes in one day a week to do the assembly, not until a few days later when i am ready to have the grill set up and situated, and l see a price tag at the same spot as the one on the floor display i saw in the store, and look, it has the same scratch I saw on the floor model... guess what, it is the one on the floor display, and I return to the store, and the floor display is gone! Very honest practice at Lowe's.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #569249

You can't be pleased!! It was probably backordered, since it's a seasonal item and to keep you from being an *** in the store, they sold you the display instead.....Or your full of ***. I'm just doing my job, protecting and serving retail associates.

Sandpoint, Idaho, United States #565668

Why do you still buy from Lowes when they keep ripping you off?

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