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Lowe's Home Improvement Stores have a policy, which they claim is in place to prevent birds from entering the store through the Garden Department. As you walk from the outside of the store and enter through the Garden Department, you will see that they have installed netting above the door into the store.

This netting allows birds to get into the netting, but they cannot find their way out and they end up dying of starvation and lack of water. I was at the Lowe's Store in Rockledge, Florida about four weeks ago and saw 5 bird carcasses, as well as several birds trapped. One of the trapped birds was a sparrow fledgling, which was nearly dead. I asked the store manager, as well as several store employees to help me remove the bird so I could take him to a wildlife care center.

From 7:00 pm until 10:30 pm, I refused to leave the store until they finally found someone who wook a forklift up and got the bird. Since that time, I have made numerous attempts to have this issue addressed by the store manager and have contacted district managers and others who state that this is their policy and they will not do anything to fix the problem. I have checked with several other retailers with similar Garden Department setups (Walmart, Home Depot, etc.). None of these retailers have the netting nor do they feel it makes any difference in keeping the birds from entering the store.

Also, several Lowe's employees told me they see birds in the store all the time. Please visit your local Lowe's store and take note of this issue. Please see the store manager and make your concerns known. Let other know of this cruel treatment.

This is the only way to make a change.

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Some Lowe’s in Indiana and Kentucky hire a company to kill the birds with air rifles. Not just invasive birds, but doves and geese as well.

I have seen fresh dove carcasses myself. They are left there to rot.


There are many nests in our store, and because the mess below can have bird mites, and these are almost impossible to get rid of once they infest your body and house. The birds are pests! Google how to get rid of bird mites and you will find no real solutions, only horror stories of tormented people.


I was there and they were using a backpack blower to clean the back aisles. When dried bird *** are blown around and become airborne spores can cause humans to get very ill.

Shouldn't they be doing this when customers are not present. Don't they want to supply there employees with Proper Proctective Equipment. (PPE) If I were to get sick I would sue Lowe's. After seeing all the bird *** on the products I decided to shop somewhere else.

I didn't want that *** on my clothes. Especially when I was shopping on my lunch break. Maybe OSHA should be called? Lowe's should hire a professional company to clean up the hazardous waste that is all over the soil and mulch.

Instead they tell there employees to do it without informing them of all the health risks.

Saving money vs.caring about their employees. Wow that's a serious topic.


Our Lowe's has netting outside in the rafters of the garden department (rear area where fencing is). They say it's to keep the birds from pooping on customers and merchandise but the area is still covered with ***.

That's because birds can get into the netting but can't get out. They starve there and the netting is filled with chirping birds of all varieties trying to escape as well as the carcases of the birds that starved to death there. No one at Lowe's cared to hear from me about it and the local DEC wouldn't take up the issue.

Why put up netting if it doesn't do what you want (keeping customers & merchandise safe)and only results in animal cruelty. Put it up right or don't use it at all -- it's cruel.


I happen to work at Lowe's if the lady thinks the net was terrible let me tell you what happened at our store. We had an English Sparrow infestation.

English Sparrows are a non native species and compete with native birds. They are the rodents of the bird kingdom. These birds were pooping everywhere and toting nest material and ruining our plants and messing up the place. It was becoming a health risk because when we cleaned the dried *** became airborn which was inhaled.

Lowe's hired an exterminator to shoot the birds with a BB pistol and poison them. The cover story was they were given a seditive and gathered up to be relocated.

NOT! I love birds don't get me wrong but something had to be done.


So. Lanthony801 hasn't been to many Lowes stores because not all stores have those nets.

The two stores that I have worked with don't have them. Birds get in the store for whatever reason, and guess what? They don't typically come out. We find the bird dead in top stock, and it's either the customer finds them or an employee does.

So, you should probably calm down about the birds a little bit. Store Managers have a lot more to worry about than *** birds that fly into our stores.



A little information is in order here.

The netting you saw was A. either keeping the birds out and they were coming in a different way such as whenthe doors open, (very likely) or B. the netting may be damaged or improperly installed in someway.

This depends on weather they tried to do it themselves or actually had a professional wildlife company install it.

I'd say from the information you supplied, they have done more than most stores. Bird netting can be an expensive proposition when done right. I've always felt that from a damaged goods, disease,false store alarms and personal liability point of view, I would do everything possible to keep the birds out if it was my store.

As noted, the bird was a sparrow, most likely a house sparrow not native to this country. These birds along with European starlings are not protected by law as they are detrimental to the native songbird population, such as bluebirds.

The only thing they are good for is human conflicts such as described and they should all be destroyed.

You may not like that but that's reality, that's why these birds are offered no protection under wildlife regulations.

Trying to rehab a house sparrow is akin to relocating a mouse...not to bright.


Neil is an ***, and certainly not an amusing one.


I am suprised that you didn't call out the National Guard for that poor bird.

You have to much time on your hands.

Maybe airplanes should not fly when there is an injured bird on the runway.

Do you lay down on the highway to stop traffic when a deer is hit?


I always see birds in Lowes but I never paid any attention to the netting, I will have to check our Lowes here and see. Poor birds! :sigh