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I bought a Porter-Cable dovetail machine online. A few days later I decided to get a mini-dovetail template to go along with it. listed a local Lowes as a supplier of the part. I called the local store and punched-in the extension number for tools. I get the wrong department and was told they'd transfer me to the proper department. After waiting 15 minutes on hold, I wrote an e-mail to Lowe to complain about their poor service. I hung up when I had been waiting 20 minutes.

For those of you who don't tinker with wood, whenever you look at a cabinet or desk drawer and see interlocking "fingers" of adjoining panels, you're looking at a dovetail joint...something ANY carpenter...professional or very familiar with. The next day I was at another store near Lowe's, so I dropped into Lowe's as well, hoping they'd have the template on-hand. Nobody in that store knew what a dovetail is...and that's supposed to be a "lumber" store!

If that weren't bad enough, on the way out I passed the plumbing department and saw a customer with an obvious problem: he was trying to fit a 1-1/2" tailpiece (the drain part which comes directly down from the sink) into a 1-1/2" trap he'd brought with him, and it wouldn't fit. The clerk was hemming and hawing but has no idea as to how to solve the problem. When I pointed to the customers 1-1/2" x 1-1/4" reducing washer in the trap and told him a plain 1-1/2" washer would make it work, he lit up and said, ""You mean I just need a different washer?," and the clerk simply looked dumfounded. What pure ignorance this store was plagued with!

Seeing a salesperson who makes a mistake now and then is normal, but this comedy of errors indicated clearly how little Lowe's really cares about customer service! (NOT!) Yes, this was in only one store, but Lowe's has plenty of resources to train ALL of their personnel! The place was disgusting.

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I have spent too much time at Lowes over the years. The things I have seen show how poor the management really is.

I can't understand where they find these people. Lowes does have the means to train their employees but don't really bother. One employee told me he was an electrician by trade by the management assigned him to plumbing because "they" felt he would be better suited there. I have seen employees start in one department and "transfered" to another department for no reason.

If you ask a manager to simply cut a key they insist on "calling" somebody else to do it. I get the managing thing, but when I have already been waiting 10 minutes? Then, you find associates who do work, are helpful, and really know what they're doing. They don't stay for long because of the *** they have to deal with from "above"..

I have even overheard the store manager himself say he didn't care that the cashier outside was struggling to keep the money from flying out of her drawer due to the wind (although she is the one who would get written up if she lost anything).

Its not that they don't have the help to train them. All the training is done on computers. However, The managers don't want to help customers by covering for the associate that has to do the training.

If you go to Lowes on a day when they have their "manager's meetingS" you will be waiting FOREVER to speak to one. If you care about customer service go to a small hometown hardware store where they actually care about the customer!


It's not just Lowes. Consumers want lower prices so the big home centers buy cheaper material, cut staff, hire cheaper part time help that doesn't get trained because there isn't enough help to train them. If you want good help go to a small hometown hardware store.