Parker, Arizona
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I purchased $4,200 of kitchen cabinets. They had a sale with 10% off and with my new creit card, I received another 10%.

I save $840 dollars which was great. I had to make two 60 miles trips to get all the cabinets home. Found out 2 were on back order. When I went to get my last 2 back order cabinets,(another 60 mile drive) I notice Lowe's switch suppliers and stop handing my cabinets.

I couldn't get my back order. I had to return my purchase. 2 more 60 miles trips, loading and unloading for the 4th time, I returned all the cabinets. I was told when I brought the new in stock cabinets I would still receive my 20% discount.

haha! I went to get the new cabinets that cost more, they told me they couldn't give me the 20% off.

In 110 degree heat, Loading 2 times, unloading 2 time, 10 plus 60 miles trips, 3 days of my time wasted, I'm *** and will never shop at Lowe's again. I spent over $60k there on many other items and never again.

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