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Update by user Mar 29, 2012

Since my complaint about my Lowes doors I received my money back from Lowes in full, but they never paid for the damage they did to my door opening. I also received a call from the Presidents office and all they were concerned about if I signed a release, which I did, once I did I could not sue them or the contractors working for them.

It did not say I could not make sure others did not hire Lowes for their installations. Mr. Niblock\'s office wanted to know what they could do better to improve their installation process. 1st thing they need to fire all the contractors working for them.

The contractor that messed up my door openings was 3G\'s, I understand they took a 48 hr. construction course where the instructor builds up the contractor. The Last contractor here from Lowes was Mac Renovations. He did not know how to test if the doors were plumb or square.

How he does it if the door does not move after installation when you open the door then it is plumb and square. It is obvious Mac Renovations learned his trade from a strap hanger. The manufacturer includes instructions with all doors one must read them inorder to have a properly fitting door. Needless to say my french door is not in the opening plumb and square because it wobbles and rattles.

It sounds like Mac Renovations and 3G\'s needs to find a new line of work. They are not quality contractors, if they were they would not be working for Lowes.

Original review posted by user Feb 27, 2012

I purchased 2 sets of doors from Lowe's March 17, 2011. Contractor # one was fired because he was high on drugs.

Contractor # 2 took out part of the door frame and header on my front door and all the frame work on the french doors. neither door fit right because of this. They had to come back and install 3 more sets of doors, which were still not right. So Lowes sent contractor # 3 out with 2 more doors, he did a half decent job except the door frames were never rebuilt properly.

The front door was a shorter door than the original opening, the threshold had a bow in it so the contractor built the floor up to meet the bow in the threshold so I now have a half moon threshold. The french doors were in crooked, but solid in the opening. I had Lowe's upper mangement and reliabuilt mfg. a warrenty people here and they all agreed the door was not in the opening properly.

So Lowe's sends contractor # 4 with 2 more sets of doors for the front and back. He could not get the french door in as he is drilling the door to the frame work and house the frame is falling out and the screw is going every which way. He never checked the opening or frame to see if they were plum and square. I asked if he was and he told me he did not need to.

The door handle on the french door was never installed properly and I landed up getting locked out because the outside handle turned 180 degrees up or down. I had to call a lock smith to get me back into my house, this cost $60. The Locksmith said the contractor did not install the handle correctly After 11 doors and 11 months later, Lowe's gave me my money back.

Lowe's never paid me for the damage contractor did to my home. Buyer beware, DONOT use Lowe's installers.

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so lowes don't care about their good door installers they let them go only to hire installers that do more stores so they don't have to deal with to many installers but what lowes doesent realize is its the little guys that built them like me for ten years with a 100% rating too bad lowes im doing just fine on my own now