Colorado Springs, Colorado

Bought a dishwasher from Lowes and they sent someone out to install, A Young guy shows up with his GIRL Fiend in tow. First he wanted to take a hammer to the terracotta floor tile so he could remove the old dishwasher(had no idea there were leveling legs) after i showed him how to do it he pulled the hoses , he then decided he couldn't get them back in the way they were and wanted to strat drilling new holes in the oak cabinets.

At this point i finally told him to leave and called the company he worked for. Talked to the owner and he said he would come out and do it himself that afternoon. The door bell rings and who is it ? The same kid that was there before with his girlfriend.

I had already ran the hoses through the existing holes (took all of all of 5 min ) So i just told him to go away and I would finish the hook up.

Unfortunately it canceled the warranty even though I work with appliances and hook up. But because I did it instead of these Bozos The store said the warranty was not valid.(never did have any problem with it)

Monetary Loss: $450.

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Yeah it's never a good idea to have the contracters for Lowes or Home Depot or whatnot come to your house for installs, because you have no idea who's coming as you earned firsthand. Just find someone reliable online where you can read reviews before hiring them. Plus if you are doing multiple items you may be able to haggle a discount


I would demand in writing that a "User Install" voids any factory warrantee. You'll see a lot of huffing around.

Fact is look in your manual for the dishwasher and see that nowhere does it require a "Professional Installer".

The only appliance I have seen that did were gas water heaters.

I installed our dishwasher and there is no such issue. Still have free delivery but no requirement that it is only waranteed if they install it. Sombody gave you a line of ***.

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