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Lowe's intalled a sliding door in October 2006 and we discovered leaks into the basement last year. After caulking and replacing rotting sheathing underneath, door still leaked.

Decided in December 2010 it was time to have it removed and another door installed properly by a local professional which has ended the nightmare. The real professional discovered that the backyard *** installer hired by Lowe's blocked the weep holes, causing the water/snow to be directed beneath the door into the sheathing and basement. A simple thing that could have been avoided. Lowe's refuses to reimburse me for their error "because they never were called to look at the door when it was removed and the problem discovered" .

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm not waiting for some *** from the store to come look while there is a gaping opening in the wall in NJ in December. Doubt my real installer would have waited, either. Short on daylight at that time of year & lots of sill rot to repair. Not sure why else Lowe's thinks I'm replacing a 4 year old door, either.

The bottom line is that Lowe's absolutely sucks at providing installation services and simply does not care.

The should stick to selling tools only. If you care about your home, DO NOT let Lowe's touch.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

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I too have a door that Lowe's replaced less than a year ago that is leaking. I plan to call them but the installer we had was so horrible (didn't show up, took days to finish job, cut corners) I'm concerned what circus this will be.

I will NEVER use or recommend Lowe's to anyone. My neighbors also vow that they will never use Lowes after watching our saga.


Blocked weep holes did not cause that damage. Also, nothing is maintenance free, so why weren't you checking it like everything else around your house yearly for caulking and other issues that when left unfixed lead to bigger problems...

Then you don't give them a chance to fix it, but call them names. Probably got what you deserved...