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They pulled their ad from a show about American Muslims called "All American Muslim" show just because they were threatened by some conservative group in Florida. Also they thought that would be a cool idea. This is truly against American and Human values. Please boycott this *** , racist and bigot company. SHAME ON YOU LOWES

A true American company should never get involved in politics and serve everyone on equal basis that way we will have a healthy society and no bias.

I am never going there again. Bye Bye Lowe's until you apologize to all American Muslims.

Peace and Love everyone.

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I can't believe that I'm actually agreeing with Simon, but here I am, standing side to side with him.

Why do we need a television show to inform those of us born here that muslims aren't violent? We're supposed to know the ones how want to kill us and marry our babies, how?????

That's way too much for an entertainment show.


It seems to me that some *** hating dude in Florida is driving the marketing for Lowes.

While Lowes is free to advertise wherever they want, it is strange that they would listen to a *** hating person - the head of this conservatice group in Florida, spent fifteen years bashing gays and now he tells Lowes to pull the ads and they say "YES SIR"

Who is running this company the CEO Rob Niblock or this crazy *** bashing guy from Florida. I guess it's the *** bashing guy :)


A conservative group in Florida boycotting Lowes would be a "splash in the pan" to Lowes. Lowes freely chooses who they sponser.

Dave1983, I am sure the $10.26 per year you spend at Lowes will cripple them.

Shop at Home Depot. Brush up on your Spanish, you will need it there.


Dont lose your head! (notice the pun?)

Being a company in America they can do what ever they want.

And if you dont like it go somewhere else. Its companies like Lowe's that helps us build this wonderful country.

Lets not talk about "human values". How can you even put "human values" and "muslim" in the same sentence?

What are your peaceful people going to blow up next? A Daycare center full of infidels? Are they going to stone to death another young woman for being in love?

(look it up and watch the video before you comment) I know I have probably upset you, so go ahead and slap me with the bottom of your sandal "Aaaahhhlalalalalala"! (turn your head and cough)


Having lived and worked in the Middle East amongst these "peaceful" religious fanatics, I agree with Lowe's. You should be thankful Lowe's doesn't smear bacon fat over each piece of merchandise they sell. Stop whining and pray to allah for a way out of the 8th century.



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