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It was sometime last year in 2011 when my fiancee and I went to Lowe's in New Hudson MI for the first time since we'd moved to the area. We were looking to purchase a heating element for our hot water tank.

We were in the plumbing dept.

when we were approached by an employee. He came over with a greeting and was nice enough but when we asked if he could assist us in finding our part his reply was " Actually I don't know that much about water heaters and I don't think anybody else working tonight would know either."

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big ben

That person probably knew a lot about his area of expertise. Not plumbing.

Atleast he tried. Quit whining. Go to Home Depot. Lowes doesnt staff enough people.

They will not listen or fix this problem so dont waste your breathe.

Just shop somewhere else. No one Cares!!!


well at least they were honest with you instead of lying. oh and by the way, you and your fiance are dumb.


Sounds about right. It's a major chain retail store. They don't hire professionals in the trade BECAUSE THEY MAKE MORE MONEY ACTUALLY DOING IT.

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