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Hi, I bought from Lowe's, Gowanus/Carrol Gardens in Brooklyn, a washer and dryer, the cost was more than $2200. They delivered the 2 machines on December 31st., but .....

they never brought the kit to install it, the hose, the electric cord and the brackets. They tried to leave the machines in the middle of my kitchen to wait for the kit to arrive. We said no, we imagined that could be a problem. They said that we didn't paid for that, so we showed them the receive.

We called to Lowe's but half an hour passed and we were still waiting on the phone, so the drivers took the machines with them. When they answered Jackie, a very nasty employee said that we didn't pay for the kit, again one hour to demonstrate that we paid for everything and at that point we had NOTHING, only mistreatement from the employee who schedule the delivery for the 5th. On January 2nd we received the kit but never the machines, but we did receive a text message telling us that the delivery was 100% done. We called Lowe's and talked to Assistant Manager named Javier who said that we had the machines, after a while of accusing us having the machines, my son told him that we have cameras in the building and at home and the Police could see clearly who is stilling the machines and that would be Lowe's, not us.

Ten minutes after Javier said that employees would come the 3rd with the machines to install them. We received text message from XPO, the delivery company hired by Lowe's, that they would come between 11.30PM and 1.30PM, at around 2PM, we received another text that they would come between 2PM and 4PM and finally we received a phone call at 3.26PM from somebody who said that was calling from a calling center, but the phone number was 1-866-881-2228 which is from XPO, the delivery company explaining that the truck had problems and that today the 4th first time in the morning we would have the machines installed and she offered me a gift certificate for the inconvenience. My son and I are disabled, Lowe's and XPO should not be playing with people, this is cruel, we are suffering terribly because we can't go to the Laundry and because my son who had an accident and underwent 3 surgeries and needs 3 more had to cancel medical appointments so necessary for his recuperation. No delivery was done.

Today 4th of December, half an hour ago, a representative of Customer Service from Lowe's Gowanus/Carrol Gardens called my son to tell him that if we were available tomorrow she would deliver the machines, my son said YES, and she said NO, because of the weather. I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!!!!!!! IS HORRENDOUS!!!!

We'll make the Police report because is evident that they are stealing our money and they don't want to bring them and of course our lawyer. The suffering is horrible!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $2237.

Preferred solution: The immediate delivery of the machines and price reduccion for all the inconveniences..

Lowes Cons: Is a nightmare, Poor customer service from corporate - 800-445-6937, Rude executive associate, Declined to deliver, Later agree to deliver but declined to confirm.

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Since you are in Brooklyn i am going to assume that there is a local appliance company near you that would be more than happy to carry out the delivery and installation for you with a minimum of inconvenience for you and your son. You may pay a little more for the washer and dryer but you will be much more satisfied with the service.

Lowe's, Home depot, and all the other major box stores are just cheaper. Not better.


The problem is that these machines are stackable and special order because are bigger in size, almost double, the other companies don't carry them. We had to wait 15 days to get them.

The regular stackables are too small. I hope Lowe's knows what they are doing because that would be another issue. Thanks for your words. You are right, it doesn't worth.

Sudenly, XPO, who is the delivery company for Lowe's left a message last night in my phone explaining that they would come to deliver and install the machines today from 2.30 PM to 4.30 PM.

They were bulling us so far. Thanks again.