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On Friday at 18:00 or around so, a customer walks into lowes directly to the hoses department. Immediately after a customer representative approaches (Sara) asking me if I needed to locate an Item. (Senator L. was around) After a few minutes and well after looking at several long poked up hoses, I decide to walk to the rope department only to find out my sunglasses were missing. As I return looking for them, the manager immediately eyes in on me and begins to do a suspicious follow, only before an employee had already begun.

I walked to the front desk asking for a kind CSR by the name of S., while they were completely busy shuffling customer calls and their routine. Turned around myself and looked for S. Found her asked to help me locate them, manager again with a (this man has done something in the store) look. So I asked S. to help me find them, and once I did, the manager was behind me looking for them too. I said here they are. Then after so, a woman on the last back isle looked at me from so far back while I showed my sunglasses saying to her, I found them, I know you are watching, and proceeded to the rope isle.

Upon arriving a short woman CSR had already been following to ask me if I needed help. In which I said thanks Im good. She did not proceed to her tasks, chores, but turned around walked a few steps turned back to face me and got on the phone several times, 3 to 5, calling, voicing a CSR for assistance, help or to follow up on the (Checking the customer out).

As I continued looking at ropes, I couldnt but tell that she was still near me for another 2 minutes facing me directly, to where I asked her get me your manager immediately and with the Policestate emotion, courage and dedication, paged the manager so professionally, it seems there was no nervousness to her, as if they had trained for a good part of their pre-hire employment. Gilbert, the manager approached and I said it seems she is following me around, to where he said, no sir, we are just trying to make sure you are getting the right help and so on, the CS BS. So I let it go and proceeded on choosing one of several ropes, colors, sizes, lengths and suddenly an ocean, a wave, a storm of CSR stormed into the isle asking me if I needed help, putting up a ladder to bring down items, I believe 2 to 3 individuals asked me if I needed help, knowing well that the short woman was nearby, it is her department to take care of, and I had already been asked several times. So I continued on and although self-evident of the policing of the isles, I walked from the back of the isle to the rope section again to see if anyone was following and there was a CSR at the Blinds/Rear section of the store who greeted me, and I proceeded forward to once again go to the hoses section. By this time I had lost focus into what I needed to get, only to realize I was only in fact getting away from them as pests. So I walked continuously to the front, on the rear of the cash registers just to walk out of the store.

At this point I did not notice anyone at all following me, but as a precaution once past the second door of the exit I turned around behind the trash can, crouched, tied my laces, looked back onto the window of the sliding doors to see immediately two faces appearing, looking out, looking for someone and immediately after making eye contact with me they turned around fast and walked away. They looked away immediately, I walked back into the store, asked short A. what she was doing and she said she wasnt following. At this point the story of the manager was false, they in fact are policing the store, policing me for some reason, which I wasnt told what it was, and felt like I needed to walk out of the store or buy something. .G. the manager was asked into this, explained twice and he played the game of we are just here to help you out. I explained in detail how the 2 mere initial incidents drove me to think that it was just ok, let it go, let it slide, then to explain the walk-out look-back incident where he completely denied it by saing, they were sent outside to do a cart run. Looking back, they didnt pick up any carts, since the two CSRs walked immediately back in having them both in my eye-sight for the next 10 minutes.

Called the local police department, which said call the Sheriffs, called the Sheriffs dept, and asked me to call the police depatment once again. Reached the local number, got 3 units, one of them walked out and approached me where he said, if they had said anything, I said they were chasing me out the door, and I asked the manager why, the manager denied such incident.

The officer immediately said "Well sir, we cant file a report, there is no such thing as filing a customer harrasment report." Without any help for the customer. Instead desiring the opposite. Read the officers tag, J.G. thanked him for stopping by, turned around and said I'll take it up with Lowes Corporate and the Sheriffs. Sheriffs department said to take it up with the Supervisor at the PD. In the end, the 19:00 incident did not have a report, additionally the manager spent about 10 minutes speaking with the officers to where I added to the Sheriff saying so what is this, a customer complaints and its not possible, but if there is shoplifting an entity proceeds, hard with penalties, so its totalitarian, its not balancing.

Hung up with the Sheriffs office, the two units drove off, one unit stayed at the parking lot. About 5 minutes later, I approached the officer asking if the otheres had written a report, saying he did not know, he did not talk to anyone, take it up with Management or Supervisor or someone. I drove off. 19:30 end.

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With that many customer service reps available, you surely were not at a Lowes store. Perhaps they were following you because you had a "kick me" sign on your back.


I think you forgot to take your meds today. Do so immediately, you are making a fool of yourself.



Most of your post made absolutely no sense...

It was relatively hard to even get through...

Your complaint is about being "customer serviced to death"? Lucky you. Your obviously one of those people that have nothing better to do than look for drama. Good luck.


There is something fishy in your story. I fine it hard to believe that so many employees didn't have anything better to do, than follow you around the store for such a long period of time, for no reason.

Maybe you were some how or another acting suspicious. Or maybe you looked similar to a former customer that had done some shoplifting at a prior time.

However, I would never dream of calling law enforcement because I thought I was being treated UNFAIRLY. It isn't as if you were being physically injured or attacked.


golly, where is this Lowes? This is a store I need to shop.

I have never even had anyone around to help me when I need it. I say you were lucky to have that much attention.


golly, where is this Lowes? This is a store I need to shop.

I have never even had anyone around to help me when I need it. I say you were lucky to have that much attention.