Stone Mountain, Georgia

In November I took in two sets of Cad originated drawings for kitchen cabinets to acquire an estimate. The 'design specialists' showed us the door design and colors available.

The design 'specialist' stated a specific manufacturer would be the cabinet supplier We then finalized the selections and and asked them to come to our home and measure the installation so as there would be no error. The design 'specialist'and install manager came out and measured. The installation was to be finalized prior to 12/31/2008.

As of this writing 2/5/2009 the installation is not complete. The design 'specialist' and measuring totally "screwed up" and this has required our total costs to increase.


Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

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#52499 any other Lowe's Specialists smell something funny here? Sounds like we are dealing with a "Complaint Specialist" who has been caught in his own story, as we Lowe's associates know that it is the INSTALLER who goes out for the site check and measure, NOT the Specialist! Me thinks there's a lot more to this story that the "Complaint Specialist" is leaving out!


had installer come for a measurment to install vinyl flooring. 24x9!

Installer wants 897.00 total for labor.

521.00 for underlayment/ 324.00 to spread the glue even though it is no glue vinyl! 67.00 to restretch carpet and wow im geting f__ked


I agree, this story sounds a little odd. I am currently an Install Sales Manager for lowes and my specialist nore I NEVER go out to do a measurement. SOS cabinets take 4-6 weeks to arrive so there is no way possible it would have been installed that quickly.


Your Story sounds a little inconsistent , you said you provided the drawings? So it was based on your own measurements? did you pay for a measure.?

Why would the Specialist and Install Manager measure. If the Installer is the one that measures before your purchase? By the way special Order Cabinets do take 4 to 6 weeks to arrive.or Did you buy stock cabinets?

If you did then you where responsible for your own measurements,Lowe's does not Install stock cabinets. Home Depot is the only Company that sends the Designer for the first measure to the Home For a refundable fee Lowe's sends an Installer.

I have worked at both Companies andAll designs are checked before the sale is finalized.

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