Roanoke, Virginia
Not resolved

We ordered laminate countertops from Lowe's Home Improvement of Christiansburg and when the came in everything was wrong. Several measurements were off. Some of the backsplashes were not at a 180 degree angle, one backsplash was missing, and some were warped. One the second order of the one without the backsplash, it came in again WITHOUT a backsplash.

My husband agreed to accept 5 of the 6 pieces with a discount, but wishes he hadn't since they don't fit together at the seam evenly.

After my husband drove out to pick up the reorder and found it wrong, he asked that Lowe's deliver it free, and they accepted. However, we wish that we had never done business with the incompetant people providing these countertops. Apparently Lowe's puts in the order, one company makes the countertops, and one cuts them. This obviously makes many errors along the way from all parties.

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