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Lowe's: Left us with a stove in the bedroom for the weekend and the fridge in the Living room. Unhooked the water from the fridge and shut the cold water off in the kitchen.

They done the leveling in the Kitchen and Dinning area and it didn't work. It's pealing up and breaking in the kitchen where they put it on top of the Linoleum. We are very unhappy with the results.

They don't want to put down Lamanite now because they say our floor is too unlevel. It wasn't the first time they done it!

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This is my Mom's house in TN. I came down the first time to make sure they done everything right.

(She is 81 now) The floor WAS beautiful but a section split in front of one of the doorways and to step on it would have pinched your foot really bad. They did come back and try to fill the gap under it. But it was still there. Next the boards started splitting long ways about a half inch in some places.

This has gone on for two years+. Now she has no floor at all and the leveler they put down in spots all over just doesn't look right. It never turned white and is still uneven in some spots. We have been put off till Wednesday now.

They tore the bad floor up on Thursday of last week. They talked Mom into a better Laminate board at 8mm instead of 7mm. Wow big difference 1mm will make. But they got another 300+$ for an upgrade plus the leveling compound for 200+$ which they didn’t tell her the first time had to be done.

We are really in a spot to have them do it since the total of the floor adds up to now about 2700+$. Doesn’t any one have any comments on the installers at Lowe’s????

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