Watsonville, California

In 2009 in purchased Levolor 1" cellular heat reflecting mini window blinds at Lowe's. They were good quality and I was very satisfied. This year replaced one blind due to accidental damage. The new blind purchased from Lowe's was different and I'm not happy.

Here's why: Levolor has made a change to the blind to make it easier for Lowe's people to cut the blind to size. It all looks very impressive, with a semi-automated trim machine, but the results are an inferior product.

NOT GOOD: The new blind is bulkier and clumsy in appearance with plastic substituted for metal and new mounting brackets stand the blind off so there is an air gap between blind and window pane that did not exist before, meaning the blind will not insulate nearly as well as previously.

BAD: You cannot lower the blind-you are forced to draw down the blind and it's virtually impossible to get it down level unless you want to two-hand fuss with leveling the blind EVERY TIME it's lowered.

WORSE: The blind machine does not cut cleanly. Many of the cellular pleats are left with puckered pleats that are damaged to where they cannot even be picked out and when the sun shines on the blind you can see very clearly what a P.O.S. you had the privilage to shell out $67 or more for.

So much for Levolor quality. I'll be looking elsewhere for decent window treatments in the future.

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:sigh It is not lowe's fault. It is the product levolor sells.Workmanship is poor,material used is poor. A costly mistake I made while renovating my home.


Through no fault of yours im sure it was due to a worn blade on the machine causeing it to work too hard and get hot. the product is usually very good. i can understand not wanting to drive all tha way for defective product.


Today I exchanged some damaged Levolor cellular blinds cut with the 'machine and brought home a new set. This time the cut is even worse than ever.

The 'cells' were actually heat sealed together at the edges during the cutting process. I had to cut them with scissors to get them to open. And this after I had already 'ripped' one side because I had not realized they were heat sealed. Very disappointing.

Lowes did not really treat me well when I attempted the exchange, also, until I raised my voice. I don't know what I am going to do now since it is a 70 mile round trip for me.