Scranton, Pennsylvania
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I bought a Bosch dishwasher on Aug. 29 from Lowe's #553 in Pottsville, PA.

The salesman, Robert Longenberger, told me they had 36 units in stock at the distribution center and they would deliver the next day. Later that afternoon, the store called and told me it would have to be ordered, and would be delivered on the 19th of September. When I told them what Mr. Longenberger told me, they said they'd call back.

They did, and promised delivery on Friday, Sept. 5. On Friday, I took the day off work, and called to schedule delivery time, and was told it would be Monday, Sept. 8 before they could deliver it.

So today, the 8th, I took another day off work, called them, and have now been told it will be THURSDAY the 11th! I have already emailed corporate, and I CC'd a copy to Bosch to let them know what Lowe's did.

They're going to lose more money -- I am in the process of upgrading my appliances, but I won't buy them from Lowe's.

Monetary Loss: $698.

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follow up to original post

-- after another 2 weeks of "oh, we'll have it to you in a couple of days" -- I finally went to Sears, bought the same DW (for about $150 LESS), and it was in my kitchen 2 days later. I went to Lowe's to get my money back -- note that this took OVER A MONTH -- and ONLY THEN, they told me, "oh, that's a special order dishwasher, we don't have them in stock." If Mr.

Longenberger would had TOLD ME THE TRUTH the first time, it would have saved everybody a lot of aggravation.

@Lowes employee: 1. I paid for delivery AND installation. 2.

Maybe your store is great. It's not in my area. And the people at The Home Depot half a mile away from the local Lowe's (note the correct spelling of the company name) DO go out of their way to please their customers.

@Anonymous: The First Amendment does entitle me to bash Lowe's as a company, just as it guarantees you the right to whine about me doing so. If they are that overwhelmed with delivery orders -- and knowing both the area and the economy, I seriously doubt it -- they need to hire more delivery drivers.


I have a couple of questions. Why did you *** work for a Basic dishwasher delivery?

We don't install it unless you go through installed sales not delivery. The delivery guys just set if off they don't install dishwashers, so you don't need to be there. Again all delivery does is set off dishwashers a carport or any covered area or garage is suitable. And number 2, you say you hate Lowes because of one Appliance associate told you the wrong information.

That's pretty ***... I hope you get your problem squared away, because I work at lowes and the employees like myself don't like impossible to please customers like yourself. And don't want your buisness.

Because it doesn't matter what you do as an employee some customers like yourself are never going to be happy... I suggest you go to Home Depot and see if they will jump through flaming hoops for you...

@Lowes employee

And I assure you that they will not jump through the hoops to help you as they don't even provide service. You may have had a bad experience with Lowes once but that doesn't entitle you to bash it as a company.

Lowes goes out of their way to assist it's customers, we do apologize that you aren't the only person on the planet who needed a dishwasher delivered that same day. :cry