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2 days in a row Lowe's did not deliver the frig I ordered on the day and time they chose and notified me of. On the first day, I was never even notified when they cancelled the delivery.

No one at the store answers the phone-- I tried every dept and no one picked up for hours. Lowe's cust serv blames it on their 3rd party delivery Co., XPO. They do not take responsibility for their dysfunctional operation. I will never order from Lowes again.

Lowes Cust Serv is polite, but no help what so ever. They have no authority to make anything happen. I lost a couple hundred dollars of food and an entire weekend waiting for a delivery.

If I had known how unreliable they are I would have ordered the same product from another company. Next time I will.

Product or Service Mentioned: Xpo Logistics Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Cancel the order and go elsewhere. Simple solution.