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Funny how some doctors and people like Lowes are willing to do anything to keep from helping a person with no insurance that gets seriously hurt in there store spending hundreds of dollars! I don't have any insurance and never sued a sole in my life.

Was in Lowes and was involved in an accident with a heavy 5gallon bucket of mud hitting me in the neck. several years later no better, been under treatment plan and need surgery now. At the time of accident, we had to wait on the store manager, forever! When he came out he said, he had watched the video and i was pulling some real ninja moves trying to keep that off me and persisted to do the gestures that i had made.

6Mo later denying to attorneys that there is a film of that day.

I have the receipt and was told there is a code that tells what location on the tape that the purchase can be found? is this true?Was also told it had sound, so it could be heard that the frontline cashier said she had been telling lowes they needed to fix the problem bf someone got hurt.Now denies!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Cashier.

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Unless you seek legal councel, you get what you deserve.

I had an injury at a BigBox hardware store... I asked for assistence with a heavy object. The clerk jerked it a, it sliped out of my had, landed and broke my big toe. Noone would do anything. They handed me a form to sign! I filled it out and hobbled to my car and immediatly went to the emergency room. Bill? I told them it was to be paid for my the retail store. No questions, and they did. Follow-ups also.

A retail store will always deny fault - to minimize potential lawsuits. No help will be offered, and you will be treated like a thief.

Hire a lawyer. They will do he rest.

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