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I have submitted a complaint already over 2 weeks ago for master forge and sumitted to the BBB. Not one person has contacted me from Master Forge which makes me realize they really do not have any concern for their customers and could care less that after less than a year of use the product is faulty. Since I bought this from Lowe's I'm hoping someone will care enough at that company to make ammends.I purchased a gift for my husband last Memorial day, spending 500 dollars at Lowe's for a Master Forge grill. In my last complaint I provided all of the grill specifics so that if Master Forge was concerned they would be able to easily provide replacement parts. However, no one seems to care. I would hope that I get a phone call or in the VERY LEAST an email from these people to find out why I am so frustrated with their products. My family always buys MasterForge grills which is why I was so quick to spend that amount of money for my husband. Unfortunately it fell VERY short of expectations. Multiple parts on the insde have rusted even though it remained covered. We cannot use it without covering the whole inside in foil. Not very fun for BBQ season. I wish I could express how dissapointed I am not just in the product but in the customer service. I called and spoke with people multiple times at MasterForge, first told, no problem they would ship out replacement parts. a month later...when I had no parts I called and they said there was no order for me. They sent me to the agents voicemail who promised this, and she never called back. SHOCKING!

I am horrified and will continue to post this on every consumer website until rectified

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Just jb weld those bad chineese welds


Same sort of problem. Heat shield brackets breaking off after 2 years. Kept covered when not in use.


Master Forge grills will quickly turn into a pile of rust, mine was a waste of money and the only thing Lowes would say was I should have bought the extended warranty. Never again!!


Its just mother nature everything rusts and back to 6 feet under..


I was looking at the Master Forge modular units. Glad I did some research.

Lowes warranty is 30 days!

NO EXTENDED WARRANTY from Lowes or manufacture. That should tell you something


I think doc, it should be good to go for one *** month lols


Way to go, everybody needs to know about these cheap made products, my grill is Stainless Steel but is rusting and the ignighter only worked a few times


Yes CHINAMAN stainless steel

Is a trade secret in that your

Bbq will have beautiful rust patina after its first rain.lols


I disagree. I don't think you know how to use a igniter.

Ha ha ha !!!!lols


Mine is less than a year old and oh my god...this product has no heat- problems with gas supply-and caught fire three days ago at the gas valves..piece of ***..I use to have a grill I should afraid..VERY AFRAID!!!!!!!good luck getting any help from master forge..


Keep trying into your next life

Ha ha haaaaaa lols


I paid $400.00, and only second summer with this grill, totally rusted out! Not even enough to repair!!! Kept under my awning and covered with the most expensive cover Lowes sells!!!!


I have a $400.00 grill made by the same company. It has never been out in the elements and covered at all times, when not in use.

This is only the 2nd summer and I went to grill today, and the whole inside is rusted!

My propane tank is exposed!!!!! NOT HAPPY!!!!!!!!!


Just bought a Mater Forge grill, right out of the box the lid

is warped and so much so there is a 1 inch gap on the right side front.

I have not been able to get Master Forge to help in any way.



I went to Lowes but they said that I had to contact master forge. I have just read other reviews about the inside parts rusting out and then not being able to get the parts.

I wish I could show you the pictures of the inside of our master forge.

It is unbelievable. Pretty much , the tray and 3 of the under burners disintegrated into pieces after 2 years


Master forge is built by Landmann. They make a little higher grade but the cost is twice as high.

Landmann does not offer any parts for the smoker I bought last summer. They have the IDENTICAL model for sale but surprise! Parts are not available yet! Landmann/master forge is junk and the service or parts availability is non-existant.

You can Google Landmann and see for yourself. Company is ***.


I called master forge 3 times no reply back I needed a ignation button I will never buy a master forge again


In the past six years my wife and I purchased two (2) Master Forge Grills. The first one was o/a the spring of 2007 and cost over $600.

Though covered, it lasted less than three years, the insides having rusted away as if we had had it sitting on a beach in the Outer Banks. We then purchased a second one like it, naively thinking we had gotten the first after (it) perhaps was built the morning after the celebrations of a Chinese New Year. Taking even better care than the one before, the insides of the second BBQ rusted out even faster than the first one did. I called several numbers for assistance and was passed from one department to the next with no results.

Every excuse in the book was afforded and on several occasions it was insinuated by the phone personnel that perhaps the problem was (my) lack of maintenance. I spent 41 years in the military and recently retired. During those early years in my career I was a maintenance officer for much more sensitive equipment than a BBQ. Anyways, I took up the issue with Lowe's, where my wife and I, in retirement, afford them several thousand dollars in revenue for their goods.

We got nowhere with them.....and that is where a large amount of (our) disappointment lies; in the cold, careless answers for the products they sell.

@Go-Go 1949

No service disappointed......


I have a Master Forge electric snoker. Used it 3 times and electronics went. Lowes would not replace it and Master Forge does not respond