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I have submitted a complaint already over 2 weeks ago for master forge and sumitted to the BBB. Not one person has contacted me from Master Forge which makes me realize they really do not have any concern for their customers and could care less that after less than a year of use the product is faulty. Since I bought this from Lowe's I'm hoping someone will care enough at that company to make ammends.I purchased a gift for my husband last Memorial day, spending 500 dollars at Lowe's for a Master Forge grill. In my last complaint I provided all of the grill specifics so that if Master Forge was concerned they would be able to easily provide replacement parts. However, no one seems to care. I would hope that I get a phone call or in the VERY LEAST an email from these people to find out why I am so frustrated with their products. My family always buys MasterForge grills which is why I was so quick to spend that amount of money for my husband. Unfortunately it fell VERY short of expectations. Multiple parts on the insde have rusted even though it remained covered. We cannot use it without covering the whole inside in foil. Not very fun for BBQ season. I wish I could express how dissapointed I am not just in the product but in the customer service. I called and spoke with people multiple times at MasterForge, first told, no problem they would ship out replacement parts. a month later...when I had no parts I called and they said there was no order for me. They sent me to the agents voicemail who promised this, and she never called back. SHOCKING!

I am horrified and will continue to post this on every consumer website until rectified

Monetary Loss: $500.

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My masterforge smoker is not even 2 years old and I can not find the parts for the electronics period.


My master forge grill heat plates fell apart after about 15-20 usings. Would never buy this product again.


The grease pan and burner covers rotted out after 2 season.the grill is a POS.will never buy master forge again.garbage


Master forge grills are tge biggest pos ever I have had two of the five burner models with the same luck they do not last a good year and the only reason I got the second was the first was under warranty please trust me they are junk


I had a 3-year warranty on my Master Forge grill, so they were willing to send out replacement parts, BUT everyone I talked to kept telling me that the part names and numbers from the exploded view in the manual DID NOT match the names and numbers on their computer system. Needless to say, even after reading off exactly what I needed they sent me the wrong parts, multiple times.

On top of this, when calling their company, I waited on hold for at least 45 mins each time, sometimes up to 2 hours. Two times I was put on hold and no one ever picked up again, I waited 3 hours one time before finally hanging up and trying again. One time I was put on hold and the phone disconnected in the middle of an order. When I called back right away they said my order wasn't in the system and I had to do it over, after it had already taken 45 min just to get 2 parts figured out.

Near the end of this ordeal I was put through to a superior, who accused me of having them send out multiples of the same parts, as if I WAS A CRIMINAL! I explained that this was all on his company, that I was repeatedly told the part numbers did not match the numbers they had. Every time I was very precise in what was needed. Now I have multiples of many things, mostly things I did not need.

I said I was willing to send them all back if they would pay for shipping.

They finally agreed to send out the remaining parts, and did not want the others shipped back. Now I have a garage full of multiple sets of the same pieces, that I never needed.


I agree, I have waited also two weeks. I would have to say Master Forge is the worst company.

I will never buy this brand ever again. The most expensive grill which was about 1200 and for nothing less than a year and the darn thing is already oxidize and the grill doesnt even turn on.


Having issues with the same $1200 of the managers came out a couple of months ago and they replaced the doors....well guess what, that's where the serial number was so now I can't get service scheduled because they need the *** number. I am going to fight to have them take this back ( bought the matching fridge) and give me my money back.....will never buy anything from Lowes again.


My Master Forge has been great up until I noticed the supports for the burners have fallen. I know I can find a basic grill burner etc but mounting pieces?

Sad to learn of so many who have had problems with MF. Sad now I'm going to probably have to buy another grill.


You cannot store any grill outside unless it is all stainless steel. My Master Forge is 3 years and looks AWESOME! I store it inside like any intelligent person would.

@Grill Master

That's lovely for you. I live in a city and am very fortunate to have a small amount of yard space for a grill.

The thought of bringing this inside, down my hurricane doors into my basement, is hysterical. I have never heard of anyone bringing a mammoth grill indoors except perhaps in the winter, and it won't work for our circumstances. We use a cover.

Your "any intelligent person" comment is insulting and unnecessary. A million better ways to get your point across and provide helpful feedback (without creating angry feelings) such as: "I found by bringing it inside (in the winter?) that I have avoided rust issues." Boo to your review.

@Grill Master

There are plenty of nicer grills you can store outside. Mine has been outside for 15 years and is still in great shape. It is a Weber maybe I could say that any intelligible person would understand that you get what you pay for.

@Grill Master

If I may long have you been a total ***


Yea lowes has 90 day policy, so lowes actually isn't responsible for your product any more. You will need to contact master forge to get help. FYI


You must be kidding! Contacting Master Forge for service or spare parts is a joke.


You little pansy, ambulance chasing, whiny B!!! "Horrified"?!?!

About a grill?!?!?!

I bet you are a joy to live with. It's a grill, you sausage muncher!


Yeah mine rusted through as well but then again I kept it outside covered. I am just going to "Tim the Toolman" it.

Make it better than the manufacturer made it....

since there appears to be no sites to replace every piece inside the grill other than the burners. Burners and heat reflectors are fine everything else denigrated.


With extra care, these grills can last years.

First, buy one with a cast iron grate instead of porcelain. Over time, your metal grill brush will destroy porcelain grates. If you already have porcelain well... wash in the sink with nothing tougher than a scrubby sponge. Don't use your wife's nice dish sponge because it will get all black and torn up.

Second, never every turn the heat up full blast. Keep the temperature below 450 at all times. Nothing destroys these cheap grills faster than high heat.

Third, when you first get the grill you need to season it with a pint of vegetable cooking oil. With the grill cold, pour 1 cup of oil into a bowl and use a silicone basting brush to coat the inside over the grill with a thin layer of oil. Be sure to cover the bottom, sides and lid. There is no need to coat the burners themselves but if your grill has heat spreaders (flavorizor bars) then make sure to coat the ends or tabs where these bars attach to the grill body. Once everything is good and coated in oil fire it up and cook at 300 degrees for an hour. This will cause the oil to char and turn brown or black. Any place where it burned clean off was too hot. Let the grill cool back down and repeat the process with another cup of oil tomorrow.

Your beautiful new grill now looks old and yucky but it is protected from rust! If you ever accidentally get it too hot then re-apply the layer oil. Never clean the grill by heating it up to max to burn off all the stuff and never clean it with water. The flavor bars may get too hot for this to save them but the rest of the grill will be protected.


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My MasterForge grill did last 2 1/2 years (apparently good compared to below) although the inside has rusted out (and I do clean it pretty well). I cannot find parts and will buy a new Weber grill.

I will continue to shop at Lowes although will make sure to bring up the quality (lack of) of MasterForge when recommending grills.