Nashville, Tennessee

First, there were the three delivery attempts. The first time, for some reason my name didn't get put on the list. The second time, they didn't have all the parts. The third time, they were four hours late. I actually got the washer that time, but installation was left, shall we say, incomplete. What happened was that they broke the dryer vent connection, and the unit, which was stacked, was no leveled. I knew I couldn't use the dryer, but I thought I could use my brand new washer. Well, once the spin cycle kicked in, all *** broke loose. So, I emptied the washer and called Lowe's to make it right.

The first manager I spoke with very nicely listened, and then he connected me to the delivery manager. I was told, after some checking that someone would be to my house between 3 and 4 (let's see, 4th visit, how many hours of waiting....??). Well, at 5:30 I got a call from the same guy who "installed" my washer to say that Lowe's wasn't responsible for the dryer not being connected to the vent. So, I called Manager #2 and let him have it.

Do they think I'm ***? They had three tries to deliver, and I gave them a chance to make it right, then they say they aren't responsible, and then when they want to make it right after I ream them a new one, they want to send the same guy who failed in the first place. Five strikes? Even in baseball, you only get three before you are out.

I will no longer be a Lowe's customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

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