Reston, Virginia
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We bought all new kitchen applicances from Lowe's & our first ones ever! Craig, our salesman & manager was very professional.

From the delivery service which was rude, late, lost or left parts, cut wires without shutting off the electricity which caused a fireball in our kitchen to Naperville manager who cannot coordinate or take reponsibility, we will never buy an applicance or anything from them again. Our frig is damaged & their lack of service is horrible. Now our new frig is lost somewhere & still not here. We have talked to the Naperville Lowe's countless times.

What a comedy of errors without the humor. No one cares! We own a small business & would never treat our customers in this manner. We would lose customers & now we are talking to their corporate office.

We are considering talking to our attorney & the local newspapers. We really wish we would have gone with another private business owner who takes pride & reponsibility.

Buyer beware!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

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I agree, I usually come on board here to defend Lowe's against meaningless, trivial accusations, but I do have to say that 3P, our delivery team, is perhaps the worst I have ever encountered. I cannot tell you how many irate phone calls i have taken concerning what they have done while delivering appliances to customers homes.

To Lowe's corporate, YOU need to bring back the in-store, care about the customer, know what you are doing delivery teams we USED to have!! Half the time, these 3P delivery guys cannot even speak english! Come on! Sadly, this type of delivery "service" is now pervasive across the board, be it us, Home Depot, Sears, etc.

They are all more or less "contracting out" their delivery services to these third party delivery companies all to save a buck. I wish I had the answer, but being nothing but a specialist within Lowe's, my voice is one that is not heard @ the corporate level.

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