Newton, New Jersey

I recently got married to my wife and received gift cards to Lowe's to design our new kitchen. When we asked the designer what we needed to do, all he said was fill out the design brochure with measurements. We gladly complied to this and returned with the measurements. These measurements included the measurement of our appliances. He designed our kitchen and ordered it. After discounts and gift cards, we were left with about $3,200.

Four weeks later we received our cabinets. A few weeks later we got someone to install the cabinets, cheaper then what Lowe's would charge us. I gutted my kitchen; appliances, cabinets, floor and all. I installed a bran new hard wood floor and then got ready to install the new cabinets. My installer wanted to know why my fridge was 33' wide and the over the fridge cabinet was 30'. This cabinet was supposed to be big enough for my fridge and few extra inches for a "standard size fridge", I was told by the designer. The designer said that he would order a 36" over the fridge cabinet and replace three other cabinets now that they would stick out past the wall. He charged them to my lowes card and promised that the would come off later. I was told that he would put a rush on it for 7 to 10 days. 10 days later, no cabinets. Now told it would be three weeks. About the same time as a regular. Complained to the manager and he said that he didn't understand what the problem was and then told me that it was my fault because of my measurements. (?)

I complained to KraftMaid and the could care less.

After receiving my new set of 4 cabinets, I looked them over to find out the two out of four were correct. Two cabinets were shrunk in width and the lengthened in height. Time for another complaint. Now, these new cabinets take 5 weeks to come in. I'm told that they are customed maid in a shop by elves. (?) These two cabinets were charged to an in house Lowe's card. I am told that replacement's should be charged to an in house account.

Two and a half months later my kitchen is done and now I am over charged on my Lowe's card. Two managers and they can't figure out what the problem is after five days of working on the problem. I am told what he can *** the receipt, but that is it. He can not tell me how much the kitchen cabinets cost now and how much I owe after paying $900 to the Lowe's card.

Newton NJ Lowe's Store and Management sucks. The are retarded and don't know the left from right. You should at least know what is going on and have some sense of what is going on. I will respect what you can and can not do, but not that you are retarded and can't comprehend what the problem is. Fix the problem.

Lowe's Corportate Office just forward your emails and phone calls to the local store. Then the store manager respond's with "I don't understand and don't know what I should do."

When I tell my story to others, I am asked what the designers name is from Lowe's that desinged our cabinets. I tell them that his name is Russ and I get and oh "I have heard his name and this isn't the first time he has screwed up." This was heard from three people. One of these three people works fro KraftMaid. Other's just say that Newton NJ Lowe's screws up on cabinets all the time.

They have no back up plan for when they screw and believe that it is never them.

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Please...nothing but problems. I ordered siding from Lowes.

It wasn't until after the installer started putting it on my house that we realized it was the wrong style. The best part is that the salesman took it upon himself to write the (incorrect) style on his copy of the executed contract and order accordingly. Was originally given an ETA of 4 weeks. It has been 10 days, and the only updates I get are when I call to follow up.

You are right about corporate. They got the assistant manager of the local store involved, which has proven to be little help. No follow up from corporate, either. I was offered a "deep discount" to keep what was delivered.

And hate my house every time I pulled in the driveway? No way. Plus, I had to argue to get gutters put back on my house, after my basement flooded.

As I said, nothing but problems. I am done with Lowes.


Sorry about your problems. Kraftmaid is so wonderful that they changed their policy about quick shipping replacement cabinets.

If they mess up they will expidite the pieces if the designer messes up they will not. Had this happen a couple months ago myself. Customer changed his mind on a corner cabinet decided they wanted the fully loaded model once the empty one arrived. I reordered customer paid the extra and kraftmaid gave me a 6 week lead time.

since the kitchen was ripped out I called kraftmaid service and got a rude lady who told me the policy changed and she cant help. I climbed to my rep and then his boss and got 2 weeks shaved off of the order but beware if you need something that is not their fault it will take full order time. As far as Russ I cant say he is a bad guy as I dont know him but what I do know is I was told a monkey could run the design computers when they cut our sales incentive. Perhaps he was tossed into the department after the real designer told the company to suck it.

Russ is likely poorly trained if he recieved any training at all.

They killed the training program 7 years ago and everything is done on a training computer most unhelpful.

Good luck to you sir. I'm sorry that the company has put a black mark on what should be a joyful time in your life.