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Purchased a Whirlpool side by side on Saturday, they wouldn't deliver until the following Saturday (& we live in a small town). That's one week not next day.

So, my husband and I couldn't wait and rented a Uhaul. We have 3 kids, one that needs refrigerated medication. Brought the fridge home in the Uhaul on Sun, husband and neighbor scratched the top of the fridge door bringing it in (never would have happened if their people delivered it next day) So Lowe's contacts me with an offer of a $50 gift card. What about the $100 for the Uhaul, $600 for a new door since it was scratched?

You say "next day" delivery...joke! Never again will I purchase from them I am beyond pissed and unsatisfied.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Gift Card.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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If it says next day, it should mean next day! They had medical needs.

Can you people read Or are some of these commentors complete idiots? I think the latter.


You have some nerve. Your husband damaged something and you expect the store to pay for it?

Be thankful you got the $50. I would not have given you squat


OK so they told you before you paid for it that it would be 1 week before they could deliver right? Its their fault you decided to rent a Uhaul?

and YOU scratched it and you blame them? I suppose you are one of the "people of walmart" get a life.

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