Maryland Heights, Missouri

I always go above & beyond to help customers. I am also one of those smokers.

After dealing with a few of "those" types of customers, I always looked forward to go to my vehicle & have a smoke & make a call without everyone in the breakroom listening. Now, it seems Lowe's doesn't have to give us breaks. If we do by some chance happen to get one, we are not to leave the building. They also don't allow soft drinks at our stations even though Lowe's provides coffee for customers & sells to the public soft drinks to drink while strolling the store, but we can't.

It's the customers that seem to be making the messes.

I agree we need rules...but shouldn't Lowe's employees get a voice in this? Or has Hitler got stock in Lowe's?

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Boy you mst be new to retail, I have been in retail for over thirty years and I have seen both sides of the coin. First

Of all the manager cannot refuse you a break.

You may take a break but must not leave the Lowes property simply because you are still on Lowes time. The smoking issue has always been and issue. It is lowes insurance company that is enforcing the smoking ban. If Lowes doesn't comply then Lowes can loss there smoking insurance discount and then your health insurance will increase.

The no sodas on the floor is especially important at the registers. I have seen a lot of damaged equipment in my years due to careless employees.

lowes can control the customers but they can tell you what to do if you are getting a pay check with Lowes on it. I am sure there are a lot of other people that would love to have your job.


So you want to drink soda/pop and smoke. It's better that you do neither.

I bet you're fat too.

Sound like a fat weak person with no self control. Take this time to stop doing both.


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