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The Lowe's here has no security on Sunday's (when the store is full). On January 7, 2018, a very drunk man (probably high as well) charged to the front of the check out line and declared that he had waited long enough.

He threatened me, my wife and several others who he had cut in front of. He was dirty and smelly and got right into my face. He pushed me back and indicated that he possessed a gun. So, as good luck would have it, the manager-on-duty was operating one of the registers.

He said nothing to the drunken idiot and he didn't call the police or other managers for help. But he did choose to allow the drunk to check out first. I contacted the GM of the Barboursville, WV Lowe's and received a call from an underling telling me they were sorry I had to wait in line too long.

Nothing was said about every customer in the store having their life put at risk by the inaction of the store management. I am certain that the Barboursville Lowe's is NOT SAFE FOR CUSTOMERS.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

Reason of review: Life put at risk by management policies.

Preferred solution: A $200 gift card for having my life put at risk..

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If you want money so bad get it out of the guy who pushed his way past. The store and employees are just as much of a victim as you think you are.

Now you seek to punish the business for something they had no control or liability on. Drag your mind and morals out of the hollow there Hill billy. Just be happy the business chose to handle the situation as they did. Had they attempted to intervene then that crazy could have done something really wrong.

But low brow mouthbreathers like yourself can never see the forest for the tree your illegal deer stand sits in......

your complaint like yourself is shallow and baseless. You should have called the police.


Nice call Princess. When will your "conversion" surgery be complete.



Why do you want a $200 gift card from Lowe's for putting your life at risk?

Do you intend to go back to this location to use the gift card?


Lowe's has a nationwide network doofus.


If you were so concerned why didn't you pull out your cell phone and call the police? Someone would have called if this situation was as bad as you say it was. You're just looking to scam them for a free gift card.


You are a liar.


You weren't there so you know nothing.


Yes, that was it. I was trying to get money from Lowes. You are way too smart for me.


1. There is no security Monday-Saturday either.


Your life is worth a $200 gift card? LOL

Just stay in the house.


Hey, Aswein. Tell us about the name Aswein.


*** wipe? Would be more accurate.

You should stay in the house. The nut house.