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I purchased several gallons of the paint that was eligible for rebate. I was due one rebate in the amount of $45 and another for $90.

Both were approved by the rebate center. After waiting patiently for several weeks found the website said I had been approved and rebates had been emailed. WRONG!! After many calls (all of which took at least 20 minutes on hold each time) I was told they had emailed them to me..Guess what???

Never received.

Yes, I’ve checked spam, every folder in my email, etc etc..even supplying a different email address...nope never they say they are going to send regular allow 7-10 days for delivery but not to call them again for 30 days??? We’ll, first person said 6-8 weeks next one said 7-10 days...I’m sick of Lowe’s and their rebate scam...I’ll be shopping Home Depot from now on!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Rebate.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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What can you do if you are denied a rebate & the right paint was purchased & filed. I had 3 & only recieived one, 1 was denied the other is non't know where. I'm very MAD.


Granbury Texas, I purchased 3 gal of the same brand & color paint with a $15.00 rebate for each. After about 8 weeks i received one $15.00 gift card.

Went on line to check the other 2 one showed i was denied "don't know why" the other must be in never never land, can't find it. This same thing happened about 2 years back, AND I NEVER RECEIVED ANY REBATES.

You know whats sad is I really needed the rebates. I think maybe I need to try Home Depot


I finally received my rebate gift cards from Lowe’s. It took all of 6 months.


Did the same rebate in June July 2019 for Valspar but the rebate center said they have no rebate from me. Went to El Paso site which I have found to lose rebates.


It took 6 months, but I finally received my rebate.


same. purchased 400$ in paint all eligible for rebate, got email saying my receipt was missing information, was told to mail in, never got rebate


well same thing here. I checked status and they showed received a long time later it showed mailed.

I waited two weeks and called they said Oh we mailed that out. I get my mail. Never missed a thing.

They said they would have to wait to see if someone used the card before issuing me another. They just want you to get frustrated and forget about it.


I mailed my rebate information in to Lowe's in June 2019..........checked the status and there's no record of receipt on their end. Not sure if I should be pissed at Lowe's or the USPostal Service. Going to Home Depot from now on - it's 25 minutes away but tired of giving Lowe's my hard earned money.


They did the SAME thing to me!


I never received mine either. I mailed it in. Where was that site you mentioned?


maybe you should read up on the Behr/Home Depot rebate complaints before you throw that "i'm going to Home Depot from now on" b5 out there!